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Formuesforvaltning_TimeXtender_Saving Time_Thumbnail_Discovery Hub-08

2 min read

TimeXtender and Formuesforvaltning

One of the first things a new company is urged to do is create a mission statement. In modern times, businesses are told to lead with the “Why” (thank you, Simon Sinek) and are encouraged to spend time developing their purpose before focusing on...

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2 min read

Migration to the Cloud with a Click of a Button

Imagine that your boss asks you to move your on-prem analytics architecture to the cloud. Let’s say they give you a deadline to finish this by the...

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Release Thumbnail_email_TimeXtender-04-new 1

1 min read

Release 18.6 Is Out - Connect to More Than 100+ Data Sources for Free!

The new release of the Timextender is out and it is packed with new features that are sure to put a smile on your face and some money back in your...

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Automation and magic blog

1 min read

The Automation and Magic Behind TimeXtender

It is through automation that some of engineering’s greatest achievements have truly shined. Take for example Henry Ford’s conveyor belt assembly...

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2 min read

Multiple Business Intelligence Tools Part 2 – Stay in control

In our previous blog, ‘Just get the job done’, we looked at how you should stop obsessing about tools and procedures and focus instead on serving...

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2 min read

Multiple Business Intelligence Tools Part 1 - Just Get the Job Done

Sorry to be the one who breaks it to you but you know that new office you’ve just paid a fortune for, all that new IT infrastructure, all those new...

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3 min read

Part Two: Why do Data Warehouses Take so Long and Cost so Much?

In last week's post, we took a look at the issues and challenges companies face regarding the build and deployment of Data Warehouses (DWs) and...

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3 min read

Null Values in your Data Estate, Now What?

I’m sure most of the BI developers have the experience of having a customer ask about why there are null values in their report and what they mean....

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3 min read

Data Warehousing for Dummies: Agile, Big Bang or Automation?

In many cases a typical waterfall or "Big Bang" approach to data warehousing fails before the warehouse is even completed.

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