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We are a global, distributed workforce, organized in self-managed teams.

Simplified, Subscription-Based Pricing

Our new pricing structure is designed to reduce complexity and unpredictability while offering more tailored options to our customers.


New Pricing + Packaging

TimeXtender is excited to introduce a more straightforward, tiered subscription approach. This shift reflects our commitment to offering simple, effective solutions that cater to a broader range of customer needs and budgets. Our new model offers four distinct packages:

Starter Package

Ideal for smaller businesses with essential data needs

or $3,250/month

Standard Package

Suited for growing businesses with complex data needs

or $4,000/month

Premium Package

Perfect for large businesses requiring advanced data tools

or $7,200/month

Enterprise Package

Best for large enterprises that need unlimited functionality

or $15,000/month

Price Yearly
Price Monthly
Starter Standard Premium Enterprise
Pricing New
$ 32,500/Y
$ 3,250/M
$ 40,000/Y
$ 4,000/M
$ 72,000/Y
$ 7,200/M
$ 150,000/Y
$ 15,000/M
Data Sources*
Included data sources
Additional data sources: $100/month each
Up to 5
Up to 20
Up to 50
Data Lake Instances
Additional Data Lake Instance $500/M or $5000/Y
Data Warehouse Instances
Additional Data Warehouse Instance $500/M or $5000/Y
Data Product Instances
Additional Data Product Instance $50/M or $500/Y
Sandbox Environments
A sandbox is a separate end-to-end solution (1 of each instance type) available for up to 60 days. The one-time fee for Sandbox is $750 per sandbox.
250+ Connectors
Deployment Targets
SQL server
Azure SQL
Azure Data Lake Storage
MS Fabric
Coming soon
Azure Synapse DSP
Exmon Products
Master Data Management
Professional Package Included
Data Orchestration
Professional Package Included
Data Governance & Data Quality
Professional Package Included

*A data source is a business application or external data set (i.e. a group of tables/endpoints). File exports from applications are grouped as one source. For manual Excel spreadsheets, these are grouped as one data source.


Additional Offerings

In addition to the main subscription packages, TimeXtender offers Exmon products as add-ons or stand-alone solutions:

Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) is the bedrock of effective data operations. Now, TimeXtender offers Exmon's MDM solutions as addons or standalone packages, catering to businesses of all sizes.

Instant Value Package:

1 Admin

2 Business Users

1 Project

$5,000/year or $500/month

Professional Package:

2 Admin

10 Business Users

Multiple Projects

$12,000/year or $1,200/month

Data Governance and Data Quality

Data Governance & Data Quality are non-negotiable aspects of data management. TimeXtender's integration of Exmon's solutions in this domain empowers organizations to maintain data integrity.

Instant Value Package:

1 Admin

1 Workspace

5 Controls

$5,000/year or $500/month

Professional Package:

5 Admin

5 Workspaces

50 Controls

$12,000/year or $1,200/month

Data Orchestration

Data Orchestration is the heartbeat of modern data workflows. With Exmon's Data Orchestration solutions now integrated into TimeXtender's offerings, businesses can streamline their data processes efficiently.

Instant Value Package:

1 System

2 Data Providers

1 Map

1 Admin

$5,000/year or $500/month

Professional Package:

Multiple Systems

Multiple Data Providers

Multiple Maps

3 Admins

$12,000/year or $1,200/month

Additionally, TimeXtender provides the Hosted TX Execution Service, available at $500/month.


We are offering a 10% discount for 3-year commitments or an additional 20% discount for 5-year commitments.

Starter Package
  • 3-Year Commitment (10% discount): $29,250/year
  • 5-Year Commitment (20% discount): $26,000/year

Additional Flexibility for Smaller Customers

All of Exmon's products will continue to be available to purchase as add-ons or stand-alone products for the foreseeable future.

For smaller customers who may find TimeXtender's Starter package beyond their immediate budget, Exmon's Master Data Management product emerges as the perfect entry point to embark on a journey toward data empowerment, without breaking the bank.

With the Instant Value package, customers can get started with 1 admin, 2 business users, and 1 project for only $500/month or $5,000/year.

This product will help you get control of data quality and master data.  The quick start solution doesn't possess the extensive ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) capabilities nor the storage capabilities of a data warehouse solution. However, the product does have some generic data connectors and is bundled with Fivetran for ingesting and connecting to sources allows for easy data ingestion and management of critical master data elements and data quality.


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