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Data Estate

1 min read

Microsoft Purview & TimeXtender

TimeXtender Tuesday - Episode 31 In this episode of TimeXtender Tuesday, join our Solutions Specialist Harish Kundanchery Mechery and explore the...

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The Next Generation of TimeXtender

TimeXtender Tuesday - Episode 30 We are proud to announce the next generation of the TimeXtender Data Estate Builder. Join Joseph Treadwell as he...

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7 min read

You Wouldn't Code a Website From Scratch: Lessons for Data Management

Data engineers and business intelligence professionals can learn a lot from the world of website development.

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3 min read

How TimeXtender Helps Businesses with Data Governance

In TimeXtender’s quest to deliver the world’s leading technology platform for building and operating a modern data estate, our technology also...

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3 min read

Understanding the Elements of a Modern Data Solution

There are many terms that can be confusing as one considers how to organize their data and how to plan for using different types of data structures...

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2 min read

Using TimeXtender to Rapidly Build a Reliable Data Foundation

Healthcare organizations deal with a massive amount of sensitive information and need a reliable data foundation that allows them to easily and...

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TimeXtender_Blog_Data Warehouse to Modern Data Estate-10

1 min read

How to Transform a Data Warehouse to a Modern Data Estate

Do you have a traditional data warehouse (DW) and have been wondering how to strategically expand its functionality and upgrade its performance?...

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2 min read

TimeXtender and Azure SQL DW create an unmatched modern data estate

Microsoft Azure SQL DW Gen2 is recognized in independent tests as one of the best, if not the best Massive Parallel Processing database in the cloud....

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Layered Data Architecture diagram

3 min read

Build Your Modern Data Estate Using a Layered Data Architecture

You’ve probably heard that data is the new oil. To take that analogy farther, data – like oil - needs to be extracted, processed and refined to be...

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3 min read

Null Values in your Data Estate, Now What?

I’m sure most of the BI developers have the experience of having a customer ask about why there are null values in their report and what they mean....

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