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We are a global, distributed workforce, organized in self-managed teams.

Ingest. Prepare. Deliver. All with a single tool.


Build a data infrastructure capable of ingesting, transforming, modeling, and delivering clean, reliable data in the fastest, most efficient way possible - all within a single, low-code user interface.

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All the data integration capabilities you need in a single solution.

TimeXtender seamlessly overlays and accelerates your data infrastructure, which means you can build an end-to-end data solution in days, not months - no more costly delays or disruptions.

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TimeXtender consolidates raw data from disconnected sources into one centralized data lake or lakehouse in the Ingestion layer. This raw data is often used in data science use cases, such as training machine learning models for advanced analytics.


The Preparation layer is where you cleanse, validate, enrich, transform, and model the data into a "single version of truth" inside your data warehouse.


The Delivery layer provides your entire organization with a simplified, consistent, and business-friendly view of all the data products available to your organization. This layer maximizes data discovery and usability ensures data quality and aligns technical and non-technical teams around a common data language.

Your Data Journey, Simplified with TimeXtender


Dive into TimeXtender's integrated approach and see how simplicity and automation can transform your data infrastructure whether you work with AWS, Microsoft Azure technologies or Snowflake, TimeXtender will help you orchestrate.

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The Data Management Survey, now in its fourth year, is a BARC research study focused on the data management tools market.


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TimeXtender, established in 2006, provides a proven solution for building data solutions 10x faster, while upholding high quality, security, and governance standards. TimeXtender has helped organizations significantly reduce build and maintenance costs. TimeXtender partners and technology offer rapid setup, strategic development, and ongoing support, accompanied by an online training platform and thriving community, comprehensive certifications, and informative weekly blog articles to help your team stay ahead.


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