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Data Warehouse

Use Azure Synapse for MDW Storage

TimeXtender Tuesdays - Episode 11

In this TimeXtender Tuesdays session, we demonstrate how to use Azure Synapse SQL Pool for MDW Storage in TimeXtender. If you'd like to review previous TimeXtender Tuesdays sessions, check out our TimeXtender Tuesday...

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Lightning Demo: Build a Data Warehouse in 15 minutes

TimeXtender Tuesdays - Episode 7

In this TimeXtender Tuesdays session, we demonstrate how to build a small data warehouse in 15 minutes. If you'd like to review previous TimeXtender Tuesdays sessions, check out our TimeXtender Tuesday playlist on YouTube.

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data lake vs data warehouse TimeXtender

5 min read

Data Lake vs Data Warehouse: What's the Difference?

While data lakes and data warehouses are both important data management tools, they serve very different purposes. If you're trying to determine whether you need a data lake, a data warehouse, or possibly even both, you'll want to understand the...

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1 min read

Use Azure SQL DB Serverless for Data Warehouse

TimeXtender Tuesdays - Episode 5

The next topic in our series will cover using Azure SQL Single DB Serverless for Data Warehouse Storage. If you'd like to review the previous steps so you can follow along, check out our TimeXtender Tuesday playlist on...

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5 min read

Data Warehouse vs Database: Everything You Need to Know

The data warehouse vs database debate has been going on for many years. Which is better? What are the benefits of each? Is there a correct answer to this question? The data warehouse and the database have different purposes, so they might not be mutually...

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16 min read

Everything You Need to Know About Building a Modern Data Warehouse

Learn How to Build a Modern Data Warehouse on Microsoft Azure Up to 10X Faster Than Standard Methods 

For most, if not all organizations, data is their most important business asset. It not only allows them to make data-driven decisions but also gives...

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TimeXtender_Blog_Data Warehouse to Modern Data Estate-10

1 min read

How to Transform a Data Warehouse to a Modern Data Estate

Do you have a traditional data warehouse (DW) and have been wondering how to strategically expand its functionality and upgrade its performance?  Expanding and upgrading your DW requires a proven technology platform designed to help you modernize your...

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Eckerson Group Deep Dive_2019-06-05-01

2 min read

Data Warehouse Automation Deep Dive

According to Eckerson Group, “The invention of data warehouse automation (DWA) as a technology category was inevitable. And it was invented in a real sense: the first DWA tools evolved to address gaps in the development, deployment, and maintenance of...

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1 min read

Accelerate your SQL Server 2008 data warehouse migration

On July 9, 2019, support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 will end. That means the end of regular security updates. And it means you should migrate to current versions (on-premises or on Azure) for greater security, performance and innovation....

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3 min read

Part Two: Why do Data Warehouses Take so Long and Cost so Much?

In last week's post, we took a look at the issues and challenges companies face regarding the build and deployment of Data Warehouses (DWs) and Enterprise Data Warehouses (EDWs). In part 2 of our analysis, we will take a look at the solution for these...

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3 min read

Data Warehousing for Dummies: Agile, Big Bang or Automation?

In many cases a typical waterfall or "Big Bang" approach to data warehousing fails before the warehouse is even completed.

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