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Discovery Hub supports Azure SQL Data Warehouse Gen2

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Big data just keeps getting bigger! So, companies that want to achieve #InsightsForAll through analytics and AI, need to ensure that all their data is available to data engineers, data scientists, data analysts and business analysts. But how do you support aggregating ALL your company’s data for analytics? The general answer is “the cloud.” And specifically - for analytics – a cloud data warehouse. And who makes the best performing cloud data warehouse? Microsoft. But don’t take our word for it, review GigaOm’s Data Warehouse in the Cloud Benchmark to see how Azure SQL Data Warehouse performs.

Back in April, we wrote about Cloud-Scale Analytics with TimeXtender and Microsoft Azure data platforms. The article announced that TimeXtender would support Azure SQL DW Gen2 to provide cloud-scale analytics to enterprises of any size. And we are. TimeXtender began supporting this service in version 19.9.1, released in August 2019.

TimeXtender support for Azure SQL Data Warehouse unlocks the compute power of Azure SQL DW Gen2 for cloud-scale analytics. When also connected to Azure Data Lake via the ODX Server, users can simply drag and drop data from Data Lake to SQL Data Warehouse. No more need for a complex mix of technologies to achieve what should be a simple and easy to do task!

The best part? If you have already defined and build your data warehouse with TimeXtender, you can re-target it between Microsoft data platforms in a few easy clicks. We do the rest allowing you to immediately start loading data into Azure SQL DW – without re-coding and without delays.

If you are interested in TimeXtender for ingesting and preparing data for Azure SQL Data Warehouse please contact us to schedule a demo and see for yourself why 3,000+ customers trust TimeXtender to accelerate time to insights up to 10x.