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      Meet TimeXtender at the Data Innovation Summit

      At TimeXtender we are proud to present ourselves as Data Management Sponsor at the Data Innovation Summit 2021!We welcome you to the hybrid...

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      TimeXtender Celebrates 15 Years in Business by Winning Three Global Awards

      This year marks the 15th anniversary of TimeXtender’s founding as a company back in 2006.

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      TimeXtender Developed With Customers in Mind

      In a recent article published in Dataversity, our CEO, Heine Krog Iversen shared some thoughts about data technology and the overall industry.

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      TimeXtender CEO, Heine Krog Iversen, Speaker at Internet Week Denmark

      We are extremely excited about contributing to the tech ecosystem through our partnership with Internet Week Denmark for their upcoming virtual...

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      New Video Demonstrates How TimeXtender is Transforming Business

      In this blog, we’ve talked about many advanced ideas related to technology, data management, analytics and AI. Every so often, it behooves us to...

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      TimeXtender Online Training Curriculum

      TimeXtender offers several different training courses to help our customers and partners get a better understanding of how to leverage our...

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      How TimeXtender Helps Businesses with Data Governance

      In TimeXtender’s quest to deliver the world’s leading technology platform for building and operating a modern data estate, our technology also...

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      How TimeXtender Simplifies Exchange Rates for Global Organizations

      A company doing business in multiple countries that wants to enrich its analytics data with currency exchange rates data might not know where to...

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      How TimeXtender Technology Helps Covid-19 Global Effort

      A few years back, TimeXtender technology was implemented at Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid non-profit organization that helps improve the...

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      Video Demonstration Shows How TimeXtender Works with IoT Data

      The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the fastest growing trends in the marketplace. For this reason, companies are looking at innovative ways to...

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      TimeXtender Wins Two Top Awards: One for Culture and One for Technology

      We’re pleased to share a bit of good news with our friends, followers, fans and industry colleagues. We’re proud to say that TimeXtender has won...

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      Using TimeXtender to Rapidly Build a Reliable Data Foundation

      Healthcare organizations deal with a massive amount of sensitive information and need a reliable data foundation that allows them to easily and...

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      Setting Up Your TimeXtender Project

      In TimeXtender, your modern data estate consists of an ODX and one or more modern data warehouse projects. Your work is organized in projects...

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      Migrate Your TimeXtender Environment to Azure

      You can safely and efficiently migrate an on-premises TimeXtender application server and database platform to Azure. By following our guide here,...

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      The Top 10 Reasons to Consider TimeXtender Technology

      It’s hard to believe but it’s been 6 years since the Late Show with David Letterman last aired on television. Time certainly does fly by,...

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      TimeXtender Excels at Connecting and Integrating Multiple Data Sources

      One of the most important tasks that a company considers when modernizing their data estate is how to connect all of its data sources.  

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      How Do I Deploy TimeXtender in the Cloud?

      TimeXtender Discovery Hub© can be deployed either in the Cloud using Azure PaaS Database technology or on-premises using SQL Server. If you have...

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      Providing “Insights for All” with Azure Synapse Analytics

      TimeXtender is proud of the work we have advanced across the global business community to help provide instant access to trusted data in the cloud...

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