About Us

Empowering the world with data, mind, and heart. 


The world is complex, dynamic, and ever-changing. That’s why we take a fresh look at the world – every day. We are not afraid of being different, rethinking normal, and taking different paths. 

TimeXtender and the World

We give back time to the world – as time is the only finite resource. That´s why we truly believe that time matters and why we are constantly on the lookout to simplify and automate, and then execute on what matters most. We seek to free up more time in the world – to do good and get it right. We are on a path to have impact on our world, challenging the way we work and think, and empowering the future for generations to come – we are here to make it right.

Our future well-being, environmentally and socially, lies in the decisions we make every day. We choose to focus on specific environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals, as we want our business to be a force for good in the world. We believe that to make big changes in the world, we will need to start small in the communities we serve, eventually leading to a growing, lasting impact.

TimeXtender and our Software

We set the bar high; for ourselves, our partners, and customers! And we keep raising it! We take pride in automating the tedious and mundane. Our future-proofed data management solution for building modern data estates enables getting to data-driven decisions faster – 10X faster than standard methods. Data is unlike any other asset in our world. It never wears out, it never drains, it can be used again and again, and we only get more of it! The real value in data comes not only by having it easily accessible, but applying your mind and heart to make decisions with the data!

Our DNA and Culture
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