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Amazon Web Services (AWS) & TimeXtender

Elevate your AWS data solution

Is Amazon Web Services your preferred cloud data storage solution?

TimeXtender ensures a pain-free experience for using AWS as your data storage solution. We automate and synchronize your entire data management process  (from ingestion and transformation to modeling and beyond), turning challenges into opportunities and ensuring you get the insights you need to make better decisions​.


Holistic Data Integration

TimeXtender syncs up flawlessly with AWS

Ingestion phase

TimeXtender’s robust ingestion capabilities gather data from diverse sources, including cloud databases, flat files, and more.


Our automated, low-code environment speeds up the data cleansing and transformation process, preparing your data for analytics.

Modeling phase

TimeXtender simplifies creating intuitive and user-friendly models for accurate data interpretation and utilization at the Semantic Layer.

Simplifying & Automating Your Data Journey

Build Your Data Lake

Data experts of all types can leverage Amazon’s Relational Database Service (RDS) in tandem with TimeXtender to build a structured, well-managed data lake or repository. From there, our tool’s automated expertise handles the data ingestion, transformation, and preparation, all within the Amazon RDS environment.

Build Your Data Warehouse

You can combine AWS's data warehouse solutions, such as Amazon Redshift, with TimeXtender's automated data management to accelerate the building and deployment of your new data warehouse. No more manual or tedious Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes – we simplify ETL at every step, making it smoother for any organization, especially those with limited resources.

Modernize Your Data Warehouse

TimeXtender is the catalyst for migrating from legacy systems to a modern AWS-based data warehouse. We ensure an effortless transition, minimizing disruptions while maximizing data integrity and availability. As for data warehouse automation, if you want to automate ETL tasks in AWS, TimeXtender streamlines data workflows and ensures consistency.

Data Migration

Whether you're migrating to the cloud or back to on-prem we've got you covered

Migrate to the Cloud

Migrating your data storage to the AWS cloud is easier with TimeXtender's automated data migration and technology-agnostic features, ensuring a quick, secure transfer while staying in line with data governance standards. Post migration, TimeXtender continues to provide holistic data integration within the AWS ecosystem.

Migrate Back to On-Prem

Our holistic tool helps with structured data extraction and transformation from AWS, ensuring data governance is maintained throughout the transition and providing a migration back to on-premises infrastructure with minimal disruptions.

Prepared Data for AI and Machine Learning

With AWS and TimeXtender, it’s easy to get your data ready for AI and ML. By automating the data preparation phase, we ensure high-quality and consistent data is fed into AWS's AI/ML services, leading to more accurate and reliable outcomes. Using AWS for complex analytics and machine learning becomes effortless with TimeXtender streamlining data preparation and integration for advanced analytics.

Governed Data Models for BI

TimeXtender's data governance capabilities extend to the cloud when integrated with AWS, ensuring data models play by the rules when it comes to organizational and regulatory standards, such as GDPR and CCPA. This guarantees the data you use for business intelligence (BI) is trustworthy and compliant. If the goal is to create structured data models for BI and analytics, our holistic solution promotes rapid development of governed data models through our low-code interface.

Smooth Front End Migration

Switching up your BI tool? With TimeXtender's holistic data integration, the underlying data infrastructure remains consistent and reliable, regardless of which BI tool you use. This consistency, coupled with AWS's reliable hosting, ensures the migration between BI tools, such as Qlik to Power BI, becomes a smoother, less disruptive process.


Unlock the full potential of your data

Simplify and automate your data journey with TimeXtender and AWS to empower your organization's data strategy.