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      Change is the only constant - but we are not changing everything

      “Change is the only constant” is a frequently quoted maxim from Greek philosopher Heraclitus around 500 B.C. And while I expect that all of us...

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      TimeXtender Braves the Bermuda Triangle

      Legend has it that ships and planes can just disappear in a patch of the Atlantic ocean adjacent to the southeast United States called the Bermuda...

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      Discovery Hub and its Workshops are Magical

      Illusionist, David Blaine said: “Magic is an art where you use sleight of hand or illusion to create wonder.”  Designer and inventor of the iPod...

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      How to Transform a Data Warehouse to a Modern Data Estate

      Do you have a traditional data warehouse (DW) and have been wondering how to strategically expand its functionality and upgrade its performance?...

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      This Just In: Azure Can Really See Now

      The TimeXtender team is back from a great week at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, Florida.  The weather was beautiful, and Microsoft put on a...

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      Five Great Reasons to Use TimeXtender for Your Compliance Needs

      Is your analytics data compliant? If you do not have an automated data management platform, there’s a strong chance it is not. And if you answered...

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      TimEXTender and Azure SQL DW create an unmatched modern data estate

      Microsoft Azure SQL DW Gen2 is recognized in independent tests as one of the best, if not the best Massive Parallel Processing database in the...

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      Two successful days at Big Data Expo 2019

      I am back from two successful days at Big Data Expo 2019. What an event. The show was very rewarding for TimeXtender.

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      Discovery Hub supports Azure SQL Data Warehouse Gen2

      Big data just keeps getting bigger! So, companies that want to achieve #InsightsForAll through analytics and AI, need to ensure that all their...

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      Corralling Your Data Using Discovery Hub

      Research has shown that the amount of data doubles every two years. With this abundance of data, comes the increased complexity to manage all of...

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      TimeXtender Solves Major Headache Businesses Often Struggle With

      Are you dealing with complexities in your data-management infrastructure?

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      Tap into the transformative power of data with Discovery Hub and Azure Machine Learning service

      Competition in the retail industry is a given fact and something that retailers, no matter what size, face on a day-to-day basis. Major US...

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      Discovery Hub® Firing On All Cylinders with New Features and Functions

      Our innovation team has been hard at work.

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      Our Rewarding Week at Microsoft Inspire

      We’re back from the Microsoft Inspire show in Las Vegas. What an event. The show was very rewarding for TimeXtender.

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      How Discovery Hub® Improves Data Quality for AI

      While more and more companies are developing ambitious plans for new artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives, their hopes and dreams can often be...

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      Is TimeXtender a Good Fit for My Industry?

      This is a question we often get asked from corporate executive management and CIOs.

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      Increasing the value of IoT data by relating it to business data

      What is IoT data and what does it typically look like?

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      TimeXtender Declared an Innovative Breakthrough

      It goes without saying that you have choices when it comes to selecting the right technology to build and manage your data estate.

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