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Data Governance

8 min read

The Six Biggest Data Trends for 2023

No matter the industry or size of a business, the companies that will win in 2023 are those that focus on data. Yeah, we said it. The problem is,...

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Automated Project Documentation in TimeXtender

TimeXtender Tuesday - Episode 21 In this episode, Christopher and Taylor discuss project documentation in TimeXtender. They demonstrate how just a...

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3 min read

How TimeXtender Helps Businesses with Data Governance

In TimeXtender’s quest to deliver the world’s leading technology platform for building and operating a modern data estate, our technology also...

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Five Reasons_Discovery Hub_Compliance Needs-22

1 min read

Five Great Reasons to Use TimeXtender for Your Compliance Needs

Is your analytics data compliant? If you do not have an automated data management platform, there’s a strong chance it is not. And if you answered...

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