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TimeXtender for BI Experts, Analysts, and Data Scientists

Deliver Business-Ready Data Products 10x Faster

Experience the ease of data transformation, modeling, and delivery with our user-friendly, low-code interface. Start now and accelerate your journey toward insightful analytics and decision-making.

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Introducing TimeXtender's Data Product Builder

Struggling with complex data tools and manual processes for critical insights? TimeXtender's low-code Data Product Builder simplifies data analysis, letting you focus on insights, not technicalities. Boost productivity and make faster, more accurate decisions with these key features: 

Rapid Creation and Modification

Accelerate data product development, adapting swiftly to business needs.

Low-Code Interface

Easily create and customize data products with intuitive drag-and-drop features.

AI-Powered Code

Automated code generation, simplifying complex tasks for efficiency and precision

Data Transformation

Refine data effortlessly to match business needs, saving time and effort.

Dimensional Modeling

Develop comprehensive data models for confident, insight-driven decisions.

Semantic Layer

Establish a clear data structure for enhanced accessibility and accuracy.

Data Quality

Ensure trustworthy decision-making with built-in data quality enhancements.

Data Observability

Gain transparency into data workflows through detailed monitoring and documentation.

What Makes TimeXtender Different?

A unique combination of features and capabilities that make it the preferred choice for top-performing organizations:

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TimeXtender relies solely on metadata, without accessing your actual data, eliminating security risks and compliance concerns.


Built for speed, TimeXtender quickly adapts to changing business needs, providing a fast, agile foundation for analytics and AI.


Offering a seamless experience, TimeXtender replaces disconnected tools with a unified solution, optimized for agility.


TimeXtender's technology-agnostic approach ensures adaptability across on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments, avoiding vendor lock-in.


TimeXtender's AI-driven automation reduces the need for large teams, allowing resources to be allocated to strategic initiatives.

A Trusted and Proven Solution for Top-Performing Organizations

We have been optimizing best practices and helping top-performing organizations since 2006. Our holistic approach has been proven to reduce build costs by up to 70% and maintenance costs by up to 80%. See how much you can save with our calculator here.

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