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Five Great Reasons to Use TimeXtender for Your Compliance Needs

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Is your analytics data compliant? If you do not have an automated data management platform, there’s a strong chance it is not. And if you answered “yes,” that your analytics data is compliant, then the next question you need to consider is, “are you using automation?” If you are not using automation, then you will face a very time-consuming task that is extremely expensive and very hard to maintain.

Consider this: a traditional hand-built data warehouse does not provide automated documentation. Furthermore, visualization tools that access sources directly do not include automated documentation.

See my point? This is where our TimeXtender can help.

The robust documentation that’s generated automatically by TimeXtender can help your efforts to maintain regulatory compliance in response to legislation like GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, or Basel II. With the click of a button, TimeXtender will read the entire metadata model and describe it in a PDF. 

The documentation allows you to see the names, settings, description and custom code for every object. TimeXtender  documentation includes full-version control to ensure that the generated documentation corresponds to the deployed version of the project. Descriptions and comments may be added to all elements in the project. 

The platform allows for customization in a number of different ways and you can modify the formatting of the document to suit your needs. Within seconds, TimeXtender takes all of the metadata of your project and prepares it in a structured and portable hyperlinked-PDF document based on a template. This feature is a quick and easy way to help your organization prepare itself to maintain compliance for strict regulations.

In essence, there are five great reasons to use TimeXtender to support your BI, reporting and analytics architecture when it comes to your compliance needs.

  • Automated Documentation. You can automatically document what data you hold and where you hold it, which is crucial for compliance.
  • Traceability. You can get answers to your questions given TimeXtender’s data lineage and impact analysis feature. For example, “where does my data come from and where is it used?”
  • Security. You can easily manage and maintain data access rights which are comprehensively outlined in the automated documentation. You can identify and catalog sensitive data.
  • Aggregation. You will be able to retain full documentation and anonymize personally identifiable information (PII), while transforming data into actionable insights.
  • Multiple Environments. Whether in test, development or production, your data will be fully documented. You will have full-version control and full security and traceability.

So there you have it – five important reasons why TimeXtender is a great asset to help you with your compliance needs.