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How-to guides for smarter data management, TX Tuesdays and more


Data Integration

5 min read

TimeXtender Announces Microsoft Fabric Integration, Plus Advanced Data Connectivity & Sharing Features

We are excited to announce our first phase of support for Microsoft Fabric, which focuses on integrating OneLake as a storage option within our Data...

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Data Mesh

18 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Data Mesh

The rising popularity of Data Mesh in the world of data architecture and management signifies a paradigm shift in how data is handled within...

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Ultimate Guide to Data Products

18 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Data Products

The growing importance of data products in today’s business world marks a significant shift in how data is utilized. Companies across various sectors...

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the ultimate guide to data fabric

20 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Data Fabric

In today’s landscape of vast, diverse, and distributed data, there’s a critical demand for an architecture capable of simplifying this complexity....

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AI Data Integration

11 min read

AI-Powered Data Automation with TimeXtender

Processing vast amounts of data with speed and precision is becoming increasingly important for all organizations, regardless of size or industry....

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15 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Data Transformation

Data transformation plays a crucial role in data management. This process reshapes data into formats that are more conducive to analysis, unlocking...

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13 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Semantic Layers

Semantic layers are experiencing a significant resurgence, becoming increasingly vital in the realm of data management. This renewed interest isn't...

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5 min read

How To Choose the Right Data Transformation Tool for Your Business

In the fast-paced landscape of modern business operations, data transformation stands as the blueprint for success. It's the process that turns raw...

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4 min read

Debunking Six Myths About TimeXtender: Building an Agile Data Infrastructure with Confidence

In the fast-paced world of data analytics and AI, having an efficient and flexible data infrastructure is crucial. This is where TimeXtender’s...

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18 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Data Automation

As organizations of all sizes strive to harness the power of data analytics, a pressing challenge emerges: the laborious and time-consuming nature of...

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3 min read

Why TimeXtender Is Essential in Today’s Data-Driven World

Hey there, data enthusiasts! We all know that data is the new oil, and in today's digital age, it's essential for businesses to extract valuable...

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2 min read

Introducing XPilot: Your AI Data Integration Co-Pilot

At TimeXtender, we know how crucial data integration is for any organization's operations, and having a reliable tool to streamline the process is...

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TimeXtender Unified Metadata Framework

7 min read

TimeXtender's Unified Metadata Framework Enables Seamless Data Integration

Metadata is often referred to as "data about data." Metadata is information that provides context and meaning to data. It includes details about the...

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8 min read

The Six Biggest Data Trends for 2023

No matter the industry or size of a business, the companies that will win in 2023 are those that focus on data. Yeah, we said it. The problem is,...

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Build A Data Lake in 10 Minutes or Less

TimeXtender Tuesday - Episode 32 Join our expert solutions specialist, Stefan Ahlbom for an exciting episode of TimeXtender Tuesdays where he will...

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Use ODX as a Secure, Scalable, & Remote Server Architecture

TimeXtender Tuesday - Episode 14 In this TimeXtender Tuesdays session, we demonstrate how to add data sources to TimeXtender and discuss CData best...

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1 min read

Add Data Sources to TimeXtender and CData Best Practices

TimeXtender Tuesdays - Episode 13 In this TimeXtender Tuesdays session, we demonstrate how to add data sources to TimeXtender and discuss CData best...

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Set Up Incremental Load & Scheduled Executions

TimeXtender Tuesdays - Episode 9 In this TimeXtender Tuesdays session, we demonstrate how to set up incremental load and scheduled executions in...

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