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Every day we work to make the complex simple, to automate all that can be and to execute on what matters most.

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      Our core purpose is to empower the world with data, mind, and heart.

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      We believe the “we are what we give” and that “people do business with people”.

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      We are a global, distributed workforce, organized in self-managed teams.


      With TimeXtender’s drag-and-drop data estate builder in your arsenal and bringing them bottom-line business results, it’s no wonder they’ll be calling you from now on

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      TimeXtender is trusted by
      Microsoft Partner - Gold Data Platform Deloitte emergo 2foqus axians visma redapt
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      Partnering with us will make your business grow exponentially over time.

      Our partnership program is for organizations who believe that time is the currency.

      We partner with IT consulting firms that are focused on Microsoft Azure Technologies, Data Management, Machine Learning and AI.


      “Our goal with our partnership model is to help our partners reach every customer in need of a Data Estate Builder solution to create a Modern Data Estate.

      But also, to make it as easy and human as possible to engage with us to fulfil our core purpose: To empower the world with data, mind and heart.”

      Heine Krog Iversen
      Founder and CEO, TimeXtender


      Companies are producing exponentially more data, and expectations for how fast data should be curated, prepared, and delivered for analysis continue to rise. Many organizations and data teams are struggling.


      of employees report they cannot gather insights in their required timeframe


      of business experts have given up on getting an answer they needed because the data analysis took too long


      of business experts have had to guess when making an important business decision because they couldn’t get the data they needed


      of today’s S&P 500 firms will be replaced over the next decade

      • The newcomers that are taking their place all have one thing in common: they have fast access to reliable data which they use every day to drive innovation, efficiency, and growth.
      • Regardless of industry or company size, data and analytics capabilities are now table stakes; the basic cost of doing business.
      • Without these capabilities, data stragglers will continue to miss opportunities, make costly mistakes, and fall further behind. 
      • But as a TimeXtender Partner, you can offer them not just a solution, but a new way of working based on freedom, automation, and simplicity.


      "A supplier from a reseller perspective has to be predictable and the partnership needs to be profitable. This is fully the case with TimeXtender.

      We work with more than 30 suppliers, for us TimeXtender has been the most consistent through the years. We can completely trust that we only have to focus on reselling TimeXtender and not to worry about other tasks."

      Carlo Wruvink
      Founder, Victa

      Why Join?

      Consulting hours are good. Adding a recurring Revenue line and increasing Customer Loyalty to the equation is a new paradigm.

      Dedicated Account Team (H2H)

      Sales Enablement, Marketing Enablement and Technical Enablement. Supported by real humans.

      Award Winning Product

      We are a Microsoft Gold Data Platform Partner. Our Data Estate Builder allows you to implement 10x faster.

      95% Customer Loyalty after 5 years

      An unprecedented loyalty score helps your business to grow with your clients.

      Becoming a partner

      We are 100% Channel Driven. Our Partners are the core of our existence.

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      Talk to one of our Alliance Directors for Q&A

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      Kick off your 90 day onboarding program


      Dance like no one’s watching (We won’t tell!)

      We DO NOT sell software. You do.

      We build cutting edge technology that our customers love, and build long lasting relationships with our partners.

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      Road to success. A Partner Plan adjusted to your business niche and to your preferred verticals.

      grow illustrationGrow

      As you grow, we will not dissappear, our marketing engine, our product specialists and our Alliance director will be with you.


      Our (Killer) partner program

      Partnership cost.

      0 EUR/USD.
      Nothing. Nada.

      What about support?

      This is Human to Human, not just a partner portal.

      Hello? is there a human?
      Let's talk numbers.

      Out of this world margin.
      That's right!

      Rewarding Program
      simple licensing model.

      Unlimited users.
      Unlimited sources.
      All features.

      Easy peasy
      We are humans.

      Alliance Director.
      Partner Marketing.
      Solutions Specialist.

      One Dedicated Team
      simple pricing FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS

      3,000 EUR/USD
      Per month
      Per license.*

      This is not a drill
      get recurrent revenue.

      Consulting hours + Azure Consumption revenue.

      A new business model
      With exponential growth.

      95% of our customers remain with us for 5+ years

      Unreal Retention
      We Don't sell.

      Yep. We develop the awesome software; you sell it.

      The customer wins.

      *Discounts apply for 1 year, 3 year and 5 year purchases


      We also learn and have fun together

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      Don’t you think we should take it for a test drive?

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