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Using TimeXtender to Rapidly Build a Reliable Data Foundation

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Healthcare organizations deal with a massive amount of sensitive information and need a reliable data foundation that allows them to easily and efficiently manage all their data. In fact, most organizations, regardless of industry, need a reliable data foundation in order to compete in today’s marketplace. Let’s take a look at a successful customer story using TimeXtender to accomplish this objective.

Having a reliable data foundation was a goal of Zorggroep Charim, an organization that provides care and services for the elderly, from welfare activities to hospice care. The organization has 15 locations, 1,600 employees and 1,300 volunteers.

The care group wanted to intelligently bring together data from its different financial packages, HR system, timetable package and care-registration system so that they could make better decisions. It wanted to combine, analyze and report data, even in the event of changes, in a strategic way and without needing external consultants. In short, it wanted to precisely combine data from various systems that could provide new insights, for example, in the field of productivity or incident reports. Building this data foundation had to meet a number of conditions, one of what was to have its data flows described better to comply with GDPR privacy legislation.

“The use of IT is very important to us, but we have to be smart with our resources,” said Arno Bos, financial controller at Charim. “We also wanted to be able to combine data internally, without having to hire consultants for every new need. Finally, data privacy plays an important role, our data quickly includes sensitive information.

“We were looking for a solution that fully describes the data flows, one of the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and where we could centrally control who has which access rights. Because our bar was set high, we chose to seek advice from ilionx, the IT partner we have been working with for years. They recommended that we look at TimeXtender, a data management platform that allows us to access, model and manage our data with just one employee,” concluded Bos.

Implementation in “No Time”

TimeXtender has as a corporate mantra, “Because Time Matters.” This steadfast commitment to helping organizations save precious time was on display and demonstrated in this program for Zorggroep Charim.

“The beauty of TimeXtender is that the product can be initially implemented in just one day, after which you can link unlimited data sources,” said Arnoud Mesken of ilionx.

TimeXtender is User Friendly

While the actions that occurred were of the utmost importance, TimeXtender technology helped to simplify the process for users.

“Let me state first of all that I have no IT background. I am now responsible for setting up and maintaining the data warehouse up to and including building dashboards and reports. If you have to do that alone, TimeXtender is a very easy solution,” said Tessa van der Linden, BI employee at Zorggroep Charim. “There are countless ways to retrieve the data in a very user-friendly way. The nice thing is that you don’t need to have as much detailed technical knowledge of the design of different packages. Otherwise you would have to seek outside help for that.”

Solution & Bottom-line Benefits

  • The care group chose TimeXtender’s data management platform to make all their data sources suitable for reports & analyses.
  • Only one employee, without any IT background, is responsible for setting up and maintaining the data warehouse and building dashboards and reports.
  • The time required for data updates and integrations has decreased from days to hours.
  • The data presented in reports is always consistent, which makes for better decisions.

Driving Speed and Consistency

Another successful TimeXtender customer implementation. Thanks to TimeXtender technology, all employees at Zorggroep Charim have consistent, up-to-date data to make better decisions more quickly, provided of course that they have the right to do so.

Visit here if you’d like to learn more about our success in helping customers from across other industries achieve a reliable data foundation in record time.  

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