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      1 min read

      The True Meaning Behind Our Company Name

      TimeXtender was created for one fundamental reason:  Because time matters.

      Industry research shows that 42% of business leaders need to make...

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      Data Preparation: Seven Hot Spots Many Companies Overlook

      In an organization, the ability to access and use data can provide an edge over the competition, help weather storms in volatile markets and...

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      [GDPR] The Post-it that caught my attention at NYC’s Strata Data

      I had the pleasure of attending Strata Data in New York. A lot of great minds sharing ideas around Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and the...

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      How Machine Learning & DWA Can Accelerate Data Discovery

      VolkerWessels Bouw & Vastgoed Ontwikkeling (BVGO) is a Dutch company active in real-estate and industrial construction as well as civil...

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      What Does Time Matter to You? How to Spend it Wisely

      Ayla Marina Lundorff is the Global Partner Enablement Manager at TimeXtender and shares her view on working in a company where time matters both...

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      New BI Challenges For The World’s Oldest Film Studio

      Nordisk Film has been around for so long that it now thrives in a world that would be unrecognisable to its founders. Set up in Copenhagen in...

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      GDPR: About to Lose Your BI and Analytics? How to Save Your Investment

      Are you facing the risk of losing the investment you’ve made in your BI and Analytics Program? The first examples of companies choosing to shut...

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      Data Warehouse Automation: Faster Data Access, Smarter Business Decisions - Because Time Matters!

      If you’re curious about Data Warehouse Automation, (DWA), you’re not alone. The quicker you get access to your data, the faster your company can...

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      Our New Cloud Release – 3 Things your Boss will want to know

      We’re passionate about the value offered by data and automation because time matters.We want to help you, our partners and customers, to make...

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      GDPR – Your Running Shoes Are On, But Do You Know Where To Go?

      Deloitte tells us that,…it is time to move from guessing and assumptions towards action. That time will run out, long before we reach the...

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      Big data is not the ONLY data story

      The world is awash not only in big data but also in talk about it. For the last decade or so, big data has taken center stage as the most...

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      How To Live Happily Ever After With Multiple Business Intelligence Tools.

      In the earlier days of Business Intelligence ”Management Information Systems” were the words. Automation only covered scheduling and running...

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      Why Data Infrastructure is the Next Big Thing for Businesses

      Over the last year, we’ve focused a lot on the power of data as a source of value. In this way, our blog represents our company’s founding...

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      Insights From A Partner: John Horner, Armanino

      'Insights from a partner' is a new blog series highlighting the talents, expertise and experiences of TimeXtender partners. To be considered for...

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      1 min read

      The Power of Discovery Hub®️ for All Progressive Organizations

      In a truly customer-centric corporate culture, the standard competitive positioning has to be turned on its head. Why? Simply put, most software...

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      How to avoid failure in self-service analytics

      How self-service analytics efforts fail

      Let's look first at Myers' and Iversen's take on why it is that self-service analytics efforts often fail...

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      Standing on the shoulders of data giants

      When asked about his success, the famous scientist Isaac Newton said, “ If I’ve seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of...
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      Three reasons to attend Qlik Qonnections

      With the advent of digital marketing, pundits prophesied that physical events would diminish, decay and eventually die. With the Internet’s...

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