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Is TimeXtender a Good Fit for My Industry?

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This is a question we often get asked from corporate executive management and CIOs.

The answer is quite clear: TimeXtender is a great fit for any business wanting to be data driven, regardless of industry.

To that point, TimeXtender is being used in numerous industries across the business landscape. It’s the enterprise data management platform for building and managing modern data estates for more than 3,000 businesses of all sizes, from various geographic regions, across multiple industries, with diverse data management challenges.  

Its suitability for any business industry is actually one of its greatest attributes. But there’s more. Since TimeXtender has been used by organizations from different industries for more than 13 years, our experience is profound and extensive. Our partner network and staff here at TimeXtender have seen most of the data-related challenges companies face and have a deep-rooted understanding for helping companies from various industries. We’ve been there. We’ve done it. And we bring this knowledge base to each and every customer engagement.

Our long-standing experience is a value-added advantage for any customer initiative. While more traditional models require a team of consultants to build, install and help manage corporate-wide data programs, TimeXtender’s model is quite the opposite. We’re built on automation, speed, efficiency and user empowerment. Our model, technology and strong partner expertise translate into substantial time and cost savings for customers; significant to any business - because time matters.  

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the success stories from various industry sectors that we’ve been involved with over the years and explain how TimeXtender has helped companies meet their biggest data management challenges.


Direct Relief is a humanitarian aid non-profit organization that helps improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies. To accomplish its humanitarian efforts, Direct Relief relies heavily on data, analysis, and reporting.  The organization was lacking a data warehouse and a comprehensive data model. This made data sourcing a real challenge. In addition, the data resided in several areas, including SAP data, donor and fundraising records, Excel spreadsheets, and other sources. TimeXtender helped transform their operations. As the organization stated, “We knew we needed a better way to organize and standardize our data. Then, we discovered TimeXtender. TimeXtender’s technology and approach helped us organize and build a better data model that provides quality, validation and transparency.” To discover more about how Discovery Hub helps this leading nonprofit, watch our video case study.


Nordisk Film is the longest running, continuous film studio in the world. The organization had been using a data warehouse for its ERP system but as the business expanded, so did its data sources.  To enable data-driven decision making and to increase its analytical capabilities, it needed to significantly expand its data warehouse, while also keeping time-to-product at a minimum. By implementing TimeXtender, it was able to take control of data and reporting across its financial spectrum. 


As the city of Lansing, Michigan has grown over the years, it started to experience challenges accessing, combining, and leveraging its data about its growing population. At the core of this problem was that its data was stored and spread over a number of siloed data sources. For example, its criminal records resided on its own local records management system, the state management system, Microsoft SQL Servers, a system for tracking jail inmate data, 911 logging system, and more. TimeXtender was called in and implemented to help transform the city’s disparate data system into a single, trusted and complete data management solution.


Pandora is an international jewelry retail shop. The company has massive amounts of internal data and was looking for a technology platform to cohesively manage all its data from numerous and diverse data sources.  TimeXtender was implemented to provide stronger management of diverse data sources and to better manage its financial, retail, sales, and inventory information.


A very large and well-known North American banking conglomerate needed to better track automating revenue reporting. The organization was hampered with inconsistencies in management reporting on product revenue, department finances, customer information, transaction cash flow. The bank turned to TimeXtender.


When Komatsu Australia wanted to deploy its information data estate onto Microsoft Azure, while supporting future growth from both a source and complexity perspective, it turned to TimeXtender. With data from three business critical systems identified as a “must-have,” with the possibility of additional internal and external data sources being added, and desiring the quickest time-to-value for its business, TimeXtender was selected for the initiative. It was the preferred choice given its comprehensive data management capabilities, ease-of-use, Microsoft aligned-cloud strategy and powerful Dynamics AX adapter. After implementing TimeXtender, Komatsu immediately realized a 49% cost savings and 25-30% performance improvement.


TimeXtender has played a significant role in helping healthcare organizations with their data management challenges as well. In one instance, for a large, well-known healthcare network, TimeXtender transformed its analytics environment and streamlined processes, provided utilization across departments, and strengthened operational effectiveness to treat patients more quickly. Our technology enabled the hospital’s IT to cleanse, consolidate and model disparate data more efficiently. TimeXtender also provided a solid foundation for HIPAA compliance.

These are just seven examples of customer success stories that show how TimeXtender helps businesses across the industry spectrum. The technology is currently helping myriad other organizations from a multitude of other industries. You can find out more about how we help companies from all vertical industries by visiting some of our other customer success stories. We were also recently named “Top Performer Business Intelligence Software” and you can peruse the numerous customer testimonials and reviews published at FeaturedCustomers.

In addition, this blog post digs deep into TimeXtender and explains how it can help businesses in the construction industry. This is just a single look at one industry but it lays out specifically how we help companies with a vertical market focus. And if you’d like to learn more about the inner workings of TimeXtender please visit our Website.