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TimeXtender and Formuesforvaltning

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One of the first things a new company is urged to do is create a mission statement. In modern times, businesses are told to lead with the “Why” (thank you, Simon Sinek) and are encouraged to spend time developing their purpose before focusing on cranking out a product and hitting the market.

You can see this recent shift in industries where people want to do business with those that they like, and corporations whose values mirror their own.

When you think about it, it’s a no-brainer; we all want to be surrounded and inspired by people who share own values, because we feel empowered and most importantly, understood.

At TimeXtender, we too strive to lead with our Why and stay true to our company values, ensuring they are represented with every material we produce, every product update we code, every partnership we enter and every customer we assist.

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Why We Do What We Do

We live by our purpose to empower every person in every organization on the planet with instant access to data and to enable them to achieve more and make quality decisions with data, mind and heart. 

And why do we do this?

Quite simply, to free up time and energy of an entire organization, so it can be dedicated to purposeful growth, innovation, and game-changing breakthroughs.

Finding Partnerships Through Shared Values

Living and working by our core principles, we saw a true partner in bWise and its customer Formuesforvaltning, the largest privately-owned wealth management firm in the Nordic area. Formuesforvaltning uses the Norwegian expression “Et rikere liv” – a richer life – as its vision since it sees financial wealth as only one component of a richer, happier life as they believe.

That’s why Formuesforvaltning’s investment philosophy centers not only on the principles of diversification and portfolio balancing but also on sustainable investments that create significant long-term growth with reduced risks that stand to benefit not only the original investor but also the inheritors of their wealth.

Their why permeates through all pieces of their work in the financial investment industry as they work to free up the time of investors and make financial management less arduous for their customers. Formuesforvaltning believes that an investment strategy aligned with your goals and needs is a key ingredient to leading a rich life, because taking care of people and having leisure time is easier to enjoy if you know you are financially secure.

Giving People Their Time Back

Spending your time on what’s really important to you is such a vital part of both TimeXtender and Formuesforvaltning so it isn’t surprising that, in partnership with bWise and Qlik Sense, we have begun to work together with our shared values in mind. 

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TimeXtender appreciates the opportunity to support Formuesforvaltning’s initiative to switch over to data-driven management, helping the company to build a new modern data warehouse, with more automation, and greater levels of informed decisions based on facts, analysis and future-proof customer-facing presentations.

Because time matters, we engage fully charged.