Discovery Hub® and Microsoft help beauty and lifestyle brand get a clear handle on North American sales – TimeXtender

Discovery Hub® and Microsoft help beauty and lifestyle brand get a clear handle on North American sales


“When selecting the Azure platform with Discovery Hub®, a customer has peace of mind that their analytical architecture is future-proofed — it gives you a versatile platform equipped to handle your ever-changing and all-demanding data needs within the enterprise.” – Heine Krog Iversen, CEO, TimeXtender 


A North American regional office of a multinational beauty and lifestyle brand needed accurate sales and inventory data from a legacy ERP solution. This was needed to better plan and manage increased demand for its growing product lines in over 550 US-based stores. The current methods for monitoring and reporting were slow and unreliable, driving a business need for more dynamic and reliable way of analyzing the data across multiple locations and regions.


After reviewing and analyzing the situation, a solution was proposed introducing TimeXtender Discovery Hub® coupled with the Microsoft Azure platform. The beauty of this proposal was in its simplicity — Discovery Hub® required no hard coding while providing instant access to data and enabling self-service for users.

Data was extracted from the headquarter-based ERP system and landed in an Azure Storage Account from which Discovery Hub®, deployed as an Azure VM through the Azure Marketplace, processed the data into an Azure SQL DB environment. Detailed analytical views were created in Azure SQL DB and used to provide valuable insights for multiple fields — by brand, product type and SKU.


With a new architecture in place, executives could see immediate benefits and could make better business decisions based on accurate, near real-time sales and inventory data across the entire North American operation. With the improved view, procurement woes vanished. It became easier to see exactly how much money was tied to inventory, allowing the beauty and lifestyle brand to make the necessary steps to redirect funds to faster moving inventory. The result — a clear handle on inventory and better data to drive improved sales.

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