Core Purpose

At TimeXtender, we choose to work hard and passionately as one global team to deliver world-class data management software to people and organizations everywhere. By helping business leaders make quality business decisions with data, mind, and heart we empower everyone to achieve more faster so that we can give time back to the things that matter the most. Because time matters.

TimeXtender’s Core Beliefs

Our DNA is anchored in our Core Purpose Strategy and Core Beliefs. Together, they embody what we are about, how we prioritize, and are the glue that keeps us together on our journey to fulfill our purpose.

The X-People, as we call ourselves, are passionate people. We love to simplify, automate, and execute all that we can in the data management life cycle and in everyday life at the office. Every day we strive to create win-wins between us and with the partners and customers we serve.

We believe in bringing our whole selves to work each day and putting our best foot forward always. This is why we take time out of our busy schedules to plan our day, to keep ourselves healthy, to prioritize professional as well as personal development, and always strive to be mindful to keep ourselves focused, innovative, and happy. We believe whole people make quality decisions with data, mind, and heart, and we take pride in saying; ‘Because time matters, we engage fully charged.’

TimeXtender’s Corporate DNA

The center and dynamic of our DNA is two-fold. It consists of both the X-People and the game-changing TimeXtender software. We are conscious of the fact that these two factors are crucial for creating win-wins with our partners every day.

We understand that we’re people doing business with people. Being people-centric means helping employees, partners, and customers fulfill their purpose, goals, and dreams. We are what we give and it starts with ourselves.

To keep ourselves in a mode of innovation, focus our energy, and increase our resilience and awareness in free flow we take time out of our work schedules to recharge, socialize, and engage with each other. We do this in weekly team breakfasts, company-wide TimeOut meetings, and voluntary corporate mindfulness sessions that occur on both a daily and weekly basis.

In order to keep ourselves, each other, and the TimeXtender Software on top of our game, we stick to our core beliefs of simplifying, automating, and executing on what matters most, which also is a skill. A skill that we practice as a shared language inspired by The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People by Steven Covey. We start every business meeting with a moment of silence to help us land, focus, and connect before we move forward with the next task at hand.

TimeXtender is 100% purpose-, strategy-, and partner-driven as we work with purpose strategies on all levels from individual team members to being a complete purpose-circle organization. Purpose and Strategy are two vital factors for our X-People, partners, and business to thrive and are therefore an important part of our DNA.

Annually, we host PeopleXtender Day. This day-long corporate event helps us direct, align, and commit to each other and our work as one global team. Additionally, twice a year, all X-People share their individual purpose. These meetings are employee-driven and give the X-people an opportunity to explain how they chose to contribute to the team over the last 2 quarters, as well as where they see themselves moving forward within the company’s bigger purpose. Every quarter, we send out our corporate newsletter, “TimeOut Update” to help inform and empower the X-People.

Corporate Sponsorships

  • Once a year, X-People take a special day from work called Karma Day to participate in charitable work and community service.
  • We sponsor the Danish Motorsport driver, Mikkel O. Pedersen in his Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup journey. Mikkel’s success is a symbol of our company’s brand.
  • TimeXtender supports Mikkel’s “Super Hero” troll program that supports the Danish Cancer Foundation. This cause is a pleasant reminder that we can all contribute and be a superhero for someone in need.
  • Every year, TimeXtender also sponsors the Danish Kids hospital clowns over the winter Holidays. This is an uplifting and enjoyable program that helps encourage Danish kids who are in the hospital.
  • TimeXtender is also proud to support the nonprofit global organization Direct Relief as they aim to help people affected by poverty and emergency situations around the world.

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