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We are a global, distributed workforce, organized in self-managed teams.

Together We Create A Culture And A Product We Love

Because we believe the two go hand-in-hand, we are just as focused on cultivating a unique, healthy, high-performing culture as we are on creating a truly original, always-evolving, and cutting-edge software product.

What We Are Passionate About

Data management should be simple and automated, so you can use most of your time to execute on what matters most.

That's why we've created a holistic, metadata-driven solution for data integration that optimises for agility instead of fragmentation. TimeXtender empowers data teams to build data solutions 10x faster while reducing costs by 70%-80%.

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We Live and Breathe Our Core Purpose:

Empowering the World With Data, Mind, and Heart.
Because Time Matters

Empowering the world with data involves creating innovative software for our partners, ensuring they always have the right data at the right time to stay resilient and adaptable. Empowering with Mind and Heart means combining our expertise and passion to create win-win-win scenarios: benefiting our customers, partners, and TimeXtender.

Our Core Beliefs

We seek to simplify, automate, and execute the things that matter most (always keeping an eye on our core purpose). Putting first things first is in our DNA. We don't believe in hierarchy, bureaucracy, and babysitters; we believe firmly in empowering smart people to take ownership of their work and how it is done.


We don´t have loads of policies and procedures. We like to keep it simple and make relevant knowledge easily accessible. We lead with context and good judgment. We always ask ourselves: what’s in TimeXtender’s best interest?


We hate doing the same things over and over again. We work smarter, and therefore, we automate everything we can, so we can spend time on what we are passionate about.


We know that we are not really successful if we do not get things done. We are not afraid of testing things out; that's the only way we can improve.

Our Culture Code

Every company has a way of doing things. Once a new Xpeople joins our company we offer them a piece of advice. "Unlearn everything you know, let go. Welcome to the Future of Work"

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We are not afraid of rethinking normal and taking new paths

We’re Working as a Fully Distributed Team as a Part of a Purpose Circle Organization. Direction, Alignment & Commitment Are Keys to Success in Our Daily Work.

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We work remotely in our own time

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Our Head Quarter is in the cloud

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Flat structure with self-leading teams

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We focus on purpose and output

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We work asynchronously

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We love transparency and inclusion

Women of TimeXtender

Our WomenXTech series spotlights remarkable women at TimeXtender whose work is making a significant impact. Through their experiences, we aim to highlight the importance of gender diversity in driving technological innovation and creating a supportive work environment.

Women In Tech - Employee Spotlights (2400 x 1200 px) (3)

"It's not just about coding – it's about solving problems and building new things." - Harpa

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Women In Tech - Employee Spotlights (2400 x 1200 px) (2)

"Cultivating diversity within tech teams shouldn’t be a corporate metric. It must be regarded as a strategic imperative." Diksha

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Women In Tech - Employee Spotlights (2400 x 1200 px)

"It's the diverse thoughts, experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives that truly make a difference in problem-solving and innovation in tech teams." - Melanie

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We Are Here to Leave a Lasting Footprint

We start in our local communities so that every step counts on a lasting journey to make a global impact. 

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Sustainable Climate for Our Planet

We aim to be climate-friendly and achieve complete carbon neutrality by 2030.

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Sustainable Cities and Communities

We strive to revitalize cities after business hours, using our real estate to enhance urban life and support environmental well-being.

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Sustainable Health and Well-being

We back initiatives promoting social connections and well-being across all genders, colors, cultures, and religions in our local communities.

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Sustainable High-quality Education

We offer our Xpeople and local communities tools and quality education in data, technology, self-leadership, and soft skills.

The Xplanet Initiative

To contribute to our Impact Goal, Sustainable Climate For Our Planet, we plant trees every time our partners close a deal.


Trees Planted


tons of CO2 offset per year

Non-Government Organization

We believe in the power of giving back to the communities we serve and are thrilled to offer NGO businesses a significant discount per package on TimeXtender pricing. This initiative will strengthen our commitment to corporate social responsibility. By working together, we can create positive change and support those in need. 

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