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We are a global, distributed workforce, organized in self-managed teams.

TimeXtender: Your Data's Storyteller

In today's data-centric world, clarity isn't a luxury—it's a necessity. Dive into a narrative where every piece of data has a voice, a lineage, and an impact. 

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Think Holistic, Think TimeXtender

Elevate Your Data Integration

Data Observability is a key aspect of maintaining the health of your data and ensuring its reliability, leading to robust pipelines, productive teams, and confident decision-making. TimeXtender brings a panoramic view to your data ecosystem, letting you connect dots you didn't even know existed.

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Data Catalog

Imagine a world where every data asset is easily accessible at your fingertips. TimeXtender allows you to discover, understand, and leverage the wealth of knowledge your organization houses.

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Data Lineage

Trace every step of your data's journey—from its origins, through changes, to its current form. TimeXtender ensures your data's lifecycle is transparent, authentic, and credible.

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Impact Analysis

When data changes, it sends ripples. With TimeXtender, you're not just reacting—you're foreseeing, understanding, and strategizing.

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Automatic Project Documentation

The magic of automation meets meticulousness. With TimeXtender's intelligence, every aspect of your data project—from names to nuanced code—finds its place in comprehensive documentation.


"With TimeXtender, I transformed my data setup without the monotonous grind. The best part? Seamlessly picking up projects with its stellar lineage and documentation features. No more bug-hunts or change impact guesswork." - A Data Pioneer

Time for a Data Paradigm Shift

Integrate every data asset across your organization, avoid data silos and ensure data quality, reliability, and availability. Maximize the true value of your data, and bring confidence to business-critical decisions.

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