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We are a global, distributed workforce, organized in self-managed teams.

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Replace a Stack of Tools with a Single Solution

Replace a stack of expensive, complex tools with a low-code, agile, integrated solution – 70% reduction in build costs – no loss of flexibility or power.


Data Quality & Performance

TimeXtender provides built-in data quality rules, alerts, and impact analysis, while leveraging machine learning to power our Intelligent Execution Engine and Performance Recommendations.


Holistic Governance

With our metadata-driven approach, TimeXtender never requires any access or control over your actual data, eliminating security vulnerabilities and compliance issues, while giving you a holistic view of what is happening across your entire data estate.


Agile Integration

Integrates seamlessly with your existing data infrastructure in days, not months – no lengthy implementation, costly disruptions, or vendor lock-in.


Flexible & Future-Proof

Easily adopt new technologies, prep data for AI & machine learning, and migrate to future, cloud data platforms with one click.


Responsive Support

When you choose TimeXtender, one of our hand-selected partners will get you set up quickly and help you develop a data strategy that maximizes results, with ongoing support from our Customer Success and Solution Specialist Teams.

TimeXtender for IT Leaders

Build a Robust Foundation for Analytics and AI 10x Faster

Drive IT excellence with TimeXtender. Achieve 10x faster analytics and AI deployment while reducing costs and future-proofing your infrastructure.

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Two Powerful Products, One Holistic Solution

This dual approach addresses the distinct needs of different roles within the data team, ensuring security, efficiency, and alignment throughout data integration and analytics workflows.

Data Product Builder

Data Fabric Builder:

Build a Robust Foundation for Analytics and AI 10x Faster

Empowers data architects, engineers, and IT professionals to rapidly develop a robust, secure, and future-proof data infrastructure, without vendor lock-in.

Rapid Infrastructure Development:

Develop your data fabric up to 10 times faster, making it easier to respond to changing business requirements.

Robust and Secure:

Ensures a secure and reliable foundation for analytics and AI, essential for the IT teams who prioritize stability and security in data management.


With the ability to easily adapt and expand, the Data Fabric Builder ensures you don’t get held back by outdated technology or vendor lock-in.

Low-Code User Interface:

A simple, intuitive interface allows users to create data products without needing deep technical expertise.

Speed and Agility:

Deliver data products up to 10 times faster, enabling rapid decision-making and business agility.

Empowering Data Users:

Puts the power of data in the hands of the users who need it most, supporting a decentralized approach to data management.

Data Product Builder:

Deliver Business-Ready Data Products 10x Faster

Empowers BI experts and analysts to swiftly create and deliver actionable, business-ready data products with an intuitive, drag-and-drop user interface.

What Makes TimeXtender Different?

A unique combination of features and capabilities that make it the preferred choice for top-performing organizations:

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TimeXtender relies solely on metadata, without accessing your actual data, eliminating security risks and compliance concerns.


Built for speed, TimeXtender quickly adapts to changing business needs, providing a fast, agile foundation for analytics and AI.


Offering a seamless experience, TimeXtender replaces disconnected tools with a unified solution, optimized for agility.


TimeXtender's technology-agnostic approach ensures adaptability across on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments, avoiding vendor lock-in.


TimeXtender's AI-driven automation reduces the need for large teams, allowing resources to be allocated to strategic initiatives.

A Trusted and Proven Solution for Top-Performing Organizations

We have been optimizing best practices and helping top-performing organizations since 2006. Our holistic approach has been proven to reduce build costs by up to 70% and maintenance costs by up to 80%. See how much you can save with our calculator here.

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