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We are a global, distributed workforce, organized in self-managed teams.


Data Integrity for Accuracy

Gain control of your data with our easy-to-use orchestration, management and governance solutions.

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Master Data Management

Exmon's Master Data Management facilitates a comprehensive and cohesive approach to managing, synchronizing, and improving critical business data across diverse systems and departments.

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Data Quality

Exmon’s Data Quality establishes trust in data and enhances the accuracy of reports. With this, users can take control of their data, ensuring that inaccurate or poor-quality data does not compromise business operations.

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This advanced product automates complex workflows, reducing manual errors and improving operational effectiveness. Its real-time monitoring capabilities enable swift issue detection and resolution, ensuring continuous workflow and system resilience.

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Exmon Master Data Management

An essential addition to our suite, the Exmon Master Data Management product allows our customers to ensure the uniformity, accuracy, and stewardship of core business data—such as customers, products, and vendors—across various systems. Exmon Master Data Management operates independently, making it a versatile tool that can be implemented within any organization's existing data infrastructure.

Exmon Master Data Management

Easy Master Data Management

Flexibly integrate data and build Master Records with dynamic hierarchy and mapping management, reference data management, and data enrichment. Easily clean, standardize, and deduplicate data with automated exception alignment to data stewards with full change and history log for audit.

No More Homeless Data and Data Anarchy

An intuitive and recognizable interface with an underlying SQL database to get rid of spreadsheets for adding extra attributes to your data like KPI’s, budgets, and forecasts that normally live in a maze of files.

Exmon Orchestration

End-to-end orchestration is included in every TimeXtender package. However, for orchestrating organization-wide data processes and workflows that extend beyond TimeXtender, Exmon's Orchestration is available for purchase as an add-on or standalone product. This tool ensures that every step in your data journey—from ingestion to transformation to reporting—is executed efficiently, regardless of the systems and platforms involved.

Exmon Data Orchestration@3x

Orchestrate and Visualize Data Processes

Orchestrate your entire data landscape in one place and across environments or technologies; cloud or on-premises to ensure they work in harmony. Live and historical documentation of the data integration.

Continuous Monitoring and Real-Time Detailed Alerts

Monitor completeness, consistency, timeliness, accuracy, validity, and uniqueness to ensure that exceptions are detected to avoid data downtime. Spend less time on root cause error search and fix pipeline errors faster with a complete, detailed log and impact description.

Transparency and Collaboration

These processes are a collaboration between IT and the business users. Users can run self-service refreshes of data. Data process owners get their exceptions assigned directly so they can maintain data enrichment.

Exmon Data Quality

TimeXtender excels in applying data quality measures to the data within its environment. However, for advanced data quality capabilities across the organization—including data sources and repositories not directly managed by TimeXtender—Exmon Data Quality is available either as an add-on or as a separate product. This ensures that our customers can maintain high-quality data standards across all their data assets, not just those within TimeXtender.

Exmon Data Governance and Quality

Real-Time Issue Remediation to Restore Data Quality When Problems Arise

Powerful and flexible data quality management that connects to any data source and integrates with your ticketing system of choice. Build data quality controls from templates, customize, or build them from scratch to match your business rules.

Continuous Monitoring and Real-Time Detailed Alerts

Exceptions are assigned directly to the person that is responsible for the data to ensure a fast and accurate resolution.

Improve Trust and Transparency with Data Health Insights

Power, flexible dashboards provide transparency into data quality and trends to arm stakeholders with data quality intelligence for confident decision-making.

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