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      Eckerson Group Deep Dive: Hybrid Cloud Data Integration

      By Kevin Petrie

      Data integration products have evolved to answer modern enterprise demands for automation, performance, and scale as they help businesses migrate to the cloud. Learn how TimeXtender helps meet these demands.


      451 Research: Using Automation to Knock Down Barriers to Becoming Data-Driven

      By Paige Bartley

      Nearly all individuals in an organization are becoming data beneficiaries. Pain points in the data workflow are often organizational in nature, but can potentially be alleviated by strategic use of automation.

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      The Yellow Brick Road to a Modern Data Estate

      By Barry Devlin

      Join industry legend, Barry Devlin, on the journey to a modern data estate. This 3-part series describes the architecture and reasoning behind a modern data estate for analytics and artificial intelligence.


      Enterprise Management Associates: Data Automation in Action

      By John Santaferraro

      Based on EMA research, “Modernization and the Operation of Hybrid Data Ecosystems” this whitepaper identifies thought leadership trends and best practices for the move to data automation.

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      Eckerson Group Deep Dive: Data Warehouse Automation

      By Stephen Swoyer

      This paper describes the state of art in data warehouse automation (DWA) and reviews TimeXtender’s DWA capabilities.


      Data Discovery — Right on Time; How Automation Underpins Data Discovery

      By Barry Devlin

      This paper proposes three occasions during the roll-out of BI when it is appropriate to adopt a Discovery Hub.

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      Data Preparation: Refining Raw Data into Value

      By BARC, Robert Tischler and Timm Grosser

      This BARC study shows how data preparation is used today, which challenges to overcome, and in which organizational framework this takes place.


      TimeXtender Extends Beyond Data Warehouse Automation

      By Matt Aslett

      Best known as a data warehouse automation provider, TimeXtender has expanded its role by providing data governance as an enabler for self-service analytics.

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      Enabling Self-Service BI Success: TimeXtender Bridges the Gap Between Business and IT

      By Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)

      One key component of a data-driven organization is the implementation of self-service analytics environments that enable business analysts and decision-makers to explore and analyze data much faster. TimeXtender automation enables self-service analytics delivery.


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