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A podcast about people, the future of work, and more

We talk with innovative people from interesting fields about very human, sometimes humorous, and hopefully even inspirational aspects of our lives. Now here's your disclaimer. (Or should we say warning?) Some topics, guests, or takes might seem bolder, unusual, and/or downright different than what you're used to. So if that gets your Half Windsor all out of whack, well, that's kind of the point. Well, partly, anyway. We'd also like to initiate a conversation with you—our community—about how to not only understand and navigate the future of work; and how to not only become a more successful professional; but also how to become a more successful person. We are whole humans, after all. 

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latest episode -  32 MINUTES

How to deal with change in life and work

In this episode of Because Time Matters, we talk with Chris Manning about Change and how we deal with it in life and work. Change is something that is coming whether we want it to or not. We talk about how you can prepare for change and look at it in a positive light, even when we might be worried about the change.

Listen to the episode here:

About the Podcast

We'd like to spark a conversation with you about how to travel the most successful personal and professional path possible.

We hope you will join us. Because Time Matters.

About the Podcast

Your world has probably changed a bit recently. Ours certainly has. We think a lot of people are struggling to cope with issues and problems the’ve never had to face before. We certainly are.

Part of our mission at TimeXtender is to help create a work environment that works for people, that has a balanced approach to important issues like health and well-being, working remotely, managing daily life, being productive, and adapting to a volatile, uncertain, and complex world.  

We see this as an opportunity to learn about how we work, how we can work better, and how we can have better work experiences no matter where we are working from.

And that is why we started the Because Time Matters podcast. 

Our mission is to boldly go where most companies don't. Or won't. We’ll be talking with lots of innovative people from lots of interesting fields about lots of very human, sometimes humorous, and hopefully inspirational aspects of our lives.

And here's the warning. Some of these topics are going to seem a bit more bold, unusual, and disruptive than the usual corporate fare. And that's the point.

We'd like to spark a conversation with you about how to travel the most successful personal and professional path possible. And there is no time like the present to get started. 

We hope you will join us. Because Time Matters.

Meet the Hosts


Anne Krog Iversen

Anne is the Chief of DNA, & Culture Officer at TimeXtender and one of the co-founders. She searches the world to find new and innovative ways to help people thrive and grow. Her passions include personal development, corporate mindfulness, and helping employees strive for a higher purpose.  

Anne holds degrees in business management, languages, and HR and certifications as a business and life coach and mindfulness practitioner. She is also a member of the Forbes Human Resources Council where she shares her thoughts and unique insights about how to bring organizations to a higher level of consciousness. Anne loves her 2 boys, having fun with family and friends, and practicing mindfulness.


Victoria King

Victoria is People Administrator at TimeXtender and has a passion for helping people succeed. She has been working in the people growing business for almost 20 years in a variety of fields including hospitality, health care, and technology. She also has a culinary arts degree and loves to bake (and the consensus is she's really good at it).

Victoria has a knack for adding humor to most of her daily activities and conversations with her team. However, she does not grow plants - she has tried that but it has not worked out well for the plants. Victoria has too many pets (anybody want a cat?), rides a Harley, and has an undisclosed number of tattoos. Her nickname is "Viking" and the Harley’s name is June Bug.

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