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Achieve Automated, Low-Code Data Integration with TimeXtender

Data lakes can be easily and quickly built using automated data integration tools like Timextender. TimeXtender also provides a number of other benefits, such as the ability to connect automatically to any data source, create full documentation of the data lake, and track data lineage. This means that data engineers can free themselves from these tedious, manual tasks and focus on more important tasks, such as data modelling and data analysis.

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Accelerate Azure Synapse Analytics

Build Your Synapse-Based Data Estate 10x Faster with TimeXtender

TimeXtender accelerates the creation, deployment and management of a complete modern data estate on Azure Synapse Analytics. Its no-code development environment shortens development times, simplifies testing and automates multiple manual processes.

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Azure Synapse - Reference Architecture

Automated Data Integration

Choose from 250+ data source connectors

TimeXtender helps overburdened data teams increase their productivity and erase backlogs. It offers over 250+ pre-built data connectors and a graphical user interface that reduces manual scripting, while still enabling data engineers to write custom code, if desired.

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Data Warehouse Automation

Data Warehouse Automation helps consolidate and organize the diverse tasks integral to the process of designing, developing, and deploying a data warehouse. It accelerates much of the work that accompanies the design, deployment, and maintenance of data warehouse systems through graphical interfaces, code generation and automation.

Read the Eckerson Group Deep Dive on Data Warehouse Automation and TimeXtender’s capabilities.

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Data Warehouse Modernization

Legacy data warehouses are frequently a fragile hodge-podge of scripts and code. Make a small change in a script or to the order in which scripts run and the whole thing comes crashing down. Plus the data warehouse platform is several releases out of date. Just upgrading to the latest version of the same platform requires significant code re-work and testing. By refining the construction of your data warehouse using TimeXtender, you enable migration to modern data platforms – without writing code.


Migrate to the cloud and a modern data estate

Business is moving to the cloud. But your analytics are all on-premises. You keep running out of space for data and are trying not to purchase more on-premises hardware. But moving analytics to the cloud isn’t as simple as moving your data to the cloud. Code written to populate your data warehouse is specific to your on-premises database at a specific network location. A move to the cloud means reworking all your existing data warehouse code – unless you use TimeXtender.


Building a Data Warehouse for SAP

If your business runs on SAP, you know that it is a huge system. Building a data warehouse for SAP is a huge task. But with TimeXtender, you can eliminate much of the complexity through its no-code development environment. TimeXtender allows you to define data movement from SAP into your data warehouse without writing code. You can schedule the frequency of data updates and we’ll optimize the execution of data loading. You can also define historical records for the data warehouse for time-based analytics.

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