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Microsoft Azure & TimeXtender

Empower Your Data Movement

TimeXtender’s holistic data integration solution enables Azure users to establish a secure, compliant data architecture and harness insights from the most refined data. The combined power of TimeXtender and Azure will help you achieve your data goals.

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Holistic Data Integration

Seamlessly Integrate TimeXtender with Azure

Ingestion phase

TimeXtender’s robust ingestion capabilities gather data from diverse sources, including cloud databases, flat files, and more.


TimeXtender's low-code interface automates Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) operations and transforms raw data into analysis-ready formats, significantly reducing manual coding and accelerating the journey from data collection to actionable insights.

Modeling phase

TimeXtender's Azure integration involves constructing intricate data models where users can effortlessly define data entities, relationships, and hierarchies and then curate data marts within TimeXtender.

simplifying & automating your data journey


Build a Data Lake

The integration between Azure and TimeXtender allows for the efficient organization of data into both structured and unstructured formats. Azure users can easily configure the Data Lake/ODX Instance Storage in TimeXtender, select Azure Data Lake storage, and set up the relevant account and access details. This unified operation simplifies the building and management of a data lake and ensures a secure, compliant, and insightful data architecture, utilizing the full potential of both Azure and TimeXtender.


Build a Data Warehouse

TimeXtender's integration with Azure simplifies the building of data warehouses, especially for businesses that have struggled with complex legacy systems for some time. The process of transitioning to cloud-based solutions such as Azure Synapse Analytics is easier than ever, enabling efficient data transfer and transformation without extensive code rewriting. The entire pipeline, from data loading to integration, is automated and effective using TimeXtender in conjunction with Azure Data Factory, ensuring a smooth transition to an agile, cloud-based data warehouse.


Modernize your Data Warehouse

TimeXtender and Azure, when used together, can help you create a modern data warehouse (MDW) that’s an automated, efficient data estate. This process is both efficient and cost-effective, with minimal disruption and high-speed transition. Start by establishing an external connection to your existing warehouse and extracting the necessary tables, which are then virtualized and incorporated into a new database. TimeXtender’s automated ETL transforms these virtualized tables into custom ones, allowing for a smooth transition with no downtime.

An MDW offers several benefits, including:

  • Instant data access

  • Quicker insights

  • Preparation of data for advanced analytics and AI

  • Freeing IT resources for strategic projects

  • Building a future-proof, compliant data estate that’s ready for cloud deployment and technological evolution

This approach not only streamlines the modernization process, but also ensures a dynamic, agile data infrastructure on Azure.

Simplifying & Automating Your Data Journey

Data Migration

Whether you're migrating to the cloud or back to on-prem we've got you covered

Migrate to the Cloud

TimeXtender's makes it easy to migrate an on-premises data infrastructures to Azure, facilitating a quick and efficient shift to the cloud. With its Azure cloud-first design, our holistic data tool supports a variety of Azure services and allows seamless transitions without needing to re-engineer existing technologies. The process is significantly expedited due to the automation capabilities of TimeXtender, which also supports flexible architectures, enabling organizations to choose between cloud, on-premises, or hybrid setups.

Migrate Back to On-Prem

When organizations decide to return to an on-premises environment, TimeXtender offers a structured approach to extract and transform data from Azure. This process is managed for data governance and integrity throughout the migration process. The ODX feature in TimeXtender simplifies the movement of diverse data sources, ensuring a centralized and efficient data management system during the transition back to an on-premises setup.



Data Preparation for AI and Machine Learning

It’s imperative to have a robust, agile, and holistic data foundation to succeed with any AI project or initiative. TimeXtender and Azure enhance the preparation of data for AI/ML by automating essential tasks such as data cleansing, preprocessing, and intelligent transformation. This results in high-quality data inputs that are crucial for building accurate AI/ML models. Using Azure for complex analytics and ML becomes simple with TimeXtender streamlining data preparation and integration for advanced analytics.

TimeXtender further helps in operationalizing AI results by integrating AI data with other business systems, including CRM, amplifying the impact of Azure ML models. Data preparation for ML models becomes much easier with utilization of AI insights, strengthening business agility and decision-making capabilities.


Governed Data Models for BI

TimeXtender's integration with Azure Data Lake creates a solid foundation for data governance, a key element in developing trustworthy business intelligence (BI) models. This combination ensures compliance with both internal policies and external regulations, maintaining data integrity for analytical and reporting purposes. If your goal is to create structured data models for BI and analytics, our holistic data solution promotes rapid development of governed data models through our low-code interface.


Front End Migration

TimeXtender's data orchestration capabilities play a crucial role in front-end BI tool migrations on Azure, particularly when transitioning from tools like Qlik to Power BI. This transition is handled by TimeXtender's comprehensive metadata framework, which ensures data model integrity and consistency. Azure complements this by providing a stable hosting environment that supports the underlying data infrastructure, critical for service continuity and secure access.


Less Downtime for Data Teams

The combination of TimeXtender's automated, low-code environment and Azure's scalable infrastructure minimizes operational downtime for data teams. It’s simple to scale data operations and optimize performance in Azure as your data volume grows, as TimeXtender handles scalability and performance optimization, particularly as data volumes and complexity increase.

The TimeXtender application and database platforms are hosted on cloud-based Virtual Machines and Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) databases. Azure Marketplace templates further streamline data operations, offering preconfigured deployments for TimeXtender and Azure Data Services. Microsoft Azure Migrate aids in transferring databases, schemas, and other essential elements, ensuring a perfect upgrade to modern data platforms with minimal downtime.

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