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Data security and governance

Data governance isn't just a matter of legal obligation; it's a shield protecting your reputation and livelihood. It’s helping you comply with regulations and building a foundation to strengthen internal decision-making when determining product costs, inventory, and more.

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Fortify Your Data Kingdom with TimeXtender

What do you do to keep your data safe and secure? TimeXtender offers exceptional data security and governance options, helping you keep out unwanted invaders. From data encryption to access controls, our holistic solution ensures your data remains under lock and key, accessible only to those with authorized privileges.

TimeXtender ensures the security and governance of your data

Leverage TimeXtender to ensure the security and governance of your data

Role-Based Security: TimeXtender allows you to define roles and assign specific permissions to users based on their roles. This ensures only authorized individuals have access to sensitive data and functionalities.

Data Encryption: TimeXtender supports data encryption at rest and in transit, providing an additional layer of security for your data. This helps protect your data from unauthorized access or breaches.

Audit Trail: TimeXtender keeps a detailed audit trail of all activities performed within the platform. This includes data transformations, data model changes, and user actions. The audit trail helps in tracking and monitoring data changes, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Data Masking: TimeXtender allows you to implement dynamic data masking techniques to protect sensitive data. You can define rules to mask or obfuscate certain data elements, ensuring only authorized users can view the actual values.

Data Lineage: TimeXtender provides data lineage capabilities, allowing you to track the origin and transformation history of your data. This helps in ensuring data integrity and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Version Control: TimeXtender offers version control functionality, enabling you to track and manage different versions of your data models and transformations. This ensures that you can revert to previous versions if needed and maintain a history of changes.

Collaboration and Documentation: TimeXtender provides collaboration features that allow multiple users to work together on data projects. You can document your data models, transformations, and business rules, ensuring that knowledge is shared and maintained within the organization.

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TimeXtender Tuesday - Semantic Layer Security

This episode focuses on Security in the Semantic Layer of TimeXtender. This is a critical part of a production solution, ensuring the sensitive or private data is secure in a scalable, easy-to-manage way for the Power BI users.

Keep Those Cyber Crooks at Bay

An ounce of prevention is worth a petabyte of cure when it comes to data security and governance.