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Every day we work to make the complex simple, to automate all that can be and to execute on what matters most.

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How-to guides for smarter data management, TX Tuesdays and more


Microsoft Azure

1 min read

Methods for Exploring Azure Data Lake

TimeXtender Tuesdays - Episode 12

In this TimeXtender Tuesdays session, we demonstrate methods for exploring Azure Data Lake. If you'd like to review...

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Use Azure Synapse for MDW Storage

TimeXtender Tuesdays - Episode 11

In this TimeXtender Tuesdays session, we demonstrate how to use Azure Synapse SQL Pool for MDW Storage in...

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1 min read

Use AAS as a Semantic Endpoint

TimeXtender Tuesdays - Episode 6

The next topic in our series will cover using Azure Analysis Services as a Semantic Endpoint. If you'd like to...

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Implement Azure Synapse Analytics Faster with TimeXtender

3 min read

The Fastest Way to Implement Azure Synapse Analytics

Build Your Synapse-Based Data Estate 10x Faster with TimeXtender

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1 min read

Use Azure SQL DB Serverless for Data Warehouse

TimeXtender Tuesdays - Episode 5

The next topic in our series will cover using Azure SQL Single DB Serverless for Data Warehouse Storage. If you'd...

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Azure Synapse Analytics

3 min read

3 Things You Should Know About Azure Synapse Dedicated SQL Pools

Azure Synapse Dedicated SQL Pool (previously Azure SQL Data Warehouse), is a massively parallel processing database similar to other columnar-based,...

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1 min read

Use Azure Data Factory to Ingest On-Premises Data

TimeXtender Tuesday - Episode 4

This topic in our series will cover using Azure Data Factory (ADF) to ingest on-premise data to the ODX Storage (ADLS...

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1 min read

Use Azure Data Lake for ODX Storage

TimeXtender Tuesday - Episode 3

The next topic in our series will cover using an Azure Data Lake for the ODX Storage. If you'd like to review the...

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16 min read

Everything You Need to Know About Building a Modern Data Warehouse

Learn How to Build a Modern Data Warehouse on Microsoft Azure Up to 10X Faster Than Standard Methods 

For most, if not all organizations, data is...

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Create a TimeXtender App Server in Azure

TimeXtender Tuesday - Episode 1

Welcome to TimeXtender Tuesday (TxT)! Our goal for TxT is to provide short technical, how-to videos about TimeXtender...

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3 min read

Understanding the Elements of a Modern Data Solution

There are many terms that can be confusing as one considers how to organize their data and how to plan for using different types of data structures...

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2 min read

Migrate Your TimeXtender Environment to Azure

You can safely and efficiently migrate an on-premises TimeXtender application server and database platform to Azure. By following our guide here, the...

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2 min read

How Do I Deploy TimeXtender in the Cloud?

TimeXtender Discovery Hub© can be deployed either in the Cloud using Azure PaaS Database technology or on-premises using SQL Server. If you have...

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3 min read

Providing “Insights for All” with Azure Synapse Analytics

TimeXtender is proud of the work we have advanced across the global business community to help provide instant access to trusted data in the cloud --...

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2 min read

TimeXtender and Azure SQL DW create an unmatched modern data estate

Microsoft Azure SQL DW Gen2 is recognized in independent tests as one of the best, if not the best Massive Parallel Processing database in the cloud....

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