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1 min read

Use Azure SQL DB Serverless for Data Warehouse

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TimeXtender Tuesdays - Episode 5

The next topic in our series will cover using Azure SQL Single DB Serverless for Data Warehouse Storage. If you'd like to review the previous steps so you can follow along, check out our TimeXtender Tuesday playlist on YouTube.

TimeXtender makes it easy to enable Azure SQL DB as a data warehouse storage. Azure SQL Single DB Serverless can be a good option for those who don't require the SQL DB to be dedicated and online 24/7, thereby saving cost. Joseph Treadwell will walk-through the process of setting up the Azure SQL DB Serverless as MDW Storage, and enabling Azure Data Factory for Transport between the ODX and MDW.

  1. Configure Azure SQL Single DB Serverless
  2. Configure SQL Users & Permissions
  3. Setup Data Warehouses
  4. Configure schemas to prevent table naming collisions
  5. Configure Azure Data Factory for Transport

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