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TimeXtender and Attunix, a Redapt Inc. Company, Form Partnership

TimeXtender and Attunix, a Redapt Inc. Company, Form Partnership

TimeXtender, WA & Attunix, WA – June, 2019 – With an ever-growing number of companies around the world needing to build out their data estate on the Microsoft platform to get to data insights faster, TimeXtender has announced a new partnership with Attunix.

Attunix helps companies accelerate their business through innovation by leveraging technologies like AI, machine learning, IoT, modern applications and infrastructure to create hybrid multi-cloud solutions tailored to the way their customers work.

This agreement with TimeXtender, a recognized global software company enabling instant access to any type of data in the organization to support advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), allows Attunix to offer its existing and future customers across North America Discovery Hub® by TimeXtender.

Discovery Hub® is a high-performance data management platform, anchored on automation, that accelerates time to data insights by up to 10 times. It allows an organization to connect to various data sources, and catalogue, model, move and report on the full lifecycle of data – in a single, integrated application that supports core analytics, the modern data warehouse, IoT, AI and more.

“By partnering with TimeXtender, we can help our customer base better leverage the power of the cloud,” said Nick Sutherland, Senior Director of Attunix. “Customers regularly ask how their company can easily access data from the cloud, and how they can take advantage of all the cost savings and flexibility associated with a cloud deployment, but many aren’t really sure the best way to do this. When we learned that Discovery Hub® is certified on Microsoft Azure and fully supports cloud deployment, along with on-premises and hybrid, we were excited to move forward with a partnership.”

TimeXtender Discovery Hub® is Microsoft Azure certified and designed to give users instant access to their data in the cloud. Developed with a cloud-first mindset, Discovery Hub® provides a cohesive data fabric across Microsoft on-premise technology and Azure Data Services, creating a future-proof, modern data estate that evolves with technology advancements. Users can visualize their data in the front-end tools of their choice such as Power BI, Tableau or Qlik.

“Attunix is committed to helping their customers leverage the cloud and fully deploy and operate their data platform on Azure,” said Heine Krog Iversen, CEO of TimeXtender. “By affiliating with TimeXtender, Attunix can now offer Discovery Hub® to their customers. It’s a comprehensive and proven solution that was built with a cloud-first mindset, and seamlessly deploys a company’s data on the cloud, so that businesses can safely enjoy the benefits that go along with a cloud deployment now and into the future. TimeXtender is eager to work together with Attunix.”

About TimeXtender

TimeXtender – and our integrated data management platform, Discovery Hub® – empowers customers with instant access to data, enabling them to make quality business decisions with data, mind and heart. We do this for one simple reason: because time matters. A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, TimeXtender serves its 3,000+ customers, from mid-sized companies to Fortune 500, through its global network of partners. TimeXtender was founded in 2006 and is privately owned, with headquarters in Denmark and the U.S. and regional offices around the world. 

About Attunix

Developing a cloud strategy, moving applications to the cloud, and adopting the latest development processes is easier said than done. Whether your journey is just getting started or you simply want to accelerate your cloud adoption efforts, the Attunix team is here to help. Our cloud advisory experts will build solutions that accelerate innovation, provide more business agility, and deliver cost efficiencies.