Build Your Modern Data Estate 10X Faster

Let us show you how…


Easy Data Integration

Connect to over 200 database types and cloud data sources through our pre-built data connectors to integrate data from multiple sources. No need to develop, test, debug and maintain critical data source connections. You can configure each connector to extract exactly the data you need. Or build custom connectors for your proprietary sources.

Automated Code Generation

Expedite development with automated code-generation, freeing data engineers to focus on data quality and business requirements. Eliminating the writing, reviewing and debugging of countless lines of SQL code. TimeXtender generates T-SQL code for data cleansing, transformation, validation, unions and joins using project meta-data and maintains that code for you.




Automate and Optimize Data Loading

TimeXtender manages all the scripts it generates for data integration, loading, transformation, preparation and modeling. It optimizes data loading by learning from past executions – eliminating manually setting up and maintaining object dependencies and manually optimizing orchestration tasks. It also optimizes execution with parallel processing over multiple threads.

Manage and Transfer Data Between Multiple Environments

TimeXtender eliminates manually translating work to provide the same data to different endpoints. This means we can maintain your Development, Test and Production systems and move work between them – even if they are on different data platforms. Meaning you can develop via SQL Server on-premises, test in Azure SQL Database and deploy to production on Azure SQL MI or SQL Data Warehouse.



How is TimeXtender 10X Faster for Building Your Data Estate?

Eliminate writing, reviewing and debugging countless lines of SQL code

Eliminate generating huge and complex ETL flows for simple use cases

Eliminate countless hours trying to trace complex ETL to identify problem areas

Eliminate learning a large set of tools for build components of the data estate

Eliminate constant performance analysis and adjusting ETL flows to ensure efficient executions

Eliminate writing documentation for flows and transformations

Eliminate maintaining old versions of project code

Eliminate pain of rolling back to a previous version

Eliminate translating work to provide the same data to different endpoints

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