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TimeXtender & Snowflake Integration: Technical Insights

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Technology changes fast which brings the need to innovate even faster. No one knows this better than our razor-sharp development team at TimeXtender. When our partners and the industry trends were telling us we needed to work with Snowflake, the team got to work on the technical implementation - and we were interested to hear how it went.

Discover a peek into the technical journey behind the seamless integration of TimeXtender with Snowflake in our exclusive interview with Morten Hansen, Lead Developer at TimeXtender. Watch as our Partner Development Lead, Louise Taylor, talks with Morten about the technical process, challenges, compromises, and design choices that shaped this innovative project.


Dive deeper into how TimeXtender and Snowflake work together to accelerate the potential of your business data:

  • New Features To Accelerate Your Snowflake Workflows: TimeXtender's focus on easy-to-use, automated data management complements Snowflake's strong performance in handling large volumes of data. Together, they provide a comprehensive solution for data warehousing tasks, making it easier for businesses to access and utilize their data effectively while reducing the complexity typically associated with such processes.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Data Architecture: In a landscape where the ability to swiftly pivot, integrate new data sources, and glean meaningful insights can make or break business strategies, future-proof data architecture emerges as an indispensable asset for enterprises striving to remain agile, competitive, and truly data-driven.
  • Unlock the Power of Snowflake with TimeXtender: If Snowflake is your go-to choice for cloud data storage, its powerful data warehousing and TimeXtender's holistic integration and automation are an exceptional combination.

If you are interested in seeing TimeXtender in action check out how you can build a Snowflake Data Warehouse in under 10 minutes, or schedule a demo with one of our experts today. Don't forget to ask about Exmon by TimeXtender and how it can take your data governance and quality to the next level.