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Microsoft Purview & TimeXtender

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TimeXtender Tuesday - Episode 31

In this episode of TimeXtender Tuesday, join our Solutions Specialist Harish Kundanchery Mechery and explore the possibilities of how Microsoft Purview can be used to govern your data estate built using TimeXtender and get answers to some of your key questions.

As you already know, TimeXtrender enables you to accelerate time to insight by building your data estate in a much faster and more flexible way. Adding Microsoft Purview will make it faster and easier for you to govern your entire data estate (even parts that are not managed within TimeXtender).
If you are looking for features like classification of data, data lineage, or data access management Purview is a perfect add-on for allowing you to have a complete view and control of all your data objects. 

If you'd like to review previous TimeXtender Tuesdays sessions, check out our TimeXtender Tuesday playlist on YouTube.

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