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Work Culture (3)

1 min read

Mindfulness in the midst of unexpected change.

In Mindfulness land, we orient off the one constant in this human experience - change. 


You know how unsettling it can be to get a call from a client you thought was happy but clearly is not. Many of us have received feedback from a boss that has left...

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2 min read

Bringing heart into business

There are times when important decisions need to be made that you find yourself at an impasse. All the research has been conducted, all the interviews completed, all the mastermind sessions distilled and applied and you left with the ultimate choice....

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2 min read

7 Easy Tips to Stay Mindful at Conferences

Conferences are a popular way to take a break from our regular day to day, catch up on the latest technology and network.  You may be getting ready to attend another conference soon.

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1 min read

How a moment of silence boosts your mental resources

The digital age offers so many great business possibilities and helps us access all the information we could ever dream of any time any where. 

BUT what happens to our brain and our mental resources when our attention is constantly hijacked by the next...

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2 min read

3 Ways to Land Before High Stakes Meetings

Starting a meeting - one minute of silence is a great way to land, focus your thoughts, and connect to each other and the task at hand. It's not always easy reaching a calm state of mind when eg. you’ve just come from a high-stakes meeting, going to one,...

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1 min read

There is no I in TEAM!

Elisabeth Salisbury is People & Process Specialist and '7 Habits of highly Effective People' facilitator at TimeXtender and gives you insight in how coming together, for the common good of our team, creates magic and gives you the ultimate Win-Win ...

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2 min read

KPI: Up- and Downward Key Performance Indicators

Is this KPI Upward (floating) or Downward (Spiralling)?

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