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      Be Proactive

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      The global Covid-19 situation is a new and challenging situation for all of us. So, how do we cope with these new circumstances? 

      Life doesn’t always ask for our preferences in life but being proactive and mindful can activate our ability to jump in the driver’s seat of our own lives, no matter what scenarios may land on our plate. 

      That is why we at TimeXtender practice self-leadership and spend time and energy on our life skill toolbox; among other things “7 habits of Highly Effective People” and mindfulness.

      Being proactive, habit 1, is essential in the Private Victory according to Steven Covey author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. It’s the art of knowing where your sphere of influence is and investing your resources there. Perhaps you cannot know what or who is going to bring you stress or anxiety on any particular day, but you can know and practice how to calm and focus yourself, so you have a chance to live in line with your values. 

      We all worry and stress about something. It’s part of human nature. However, research shows that the most effective, wise, and happy people handle the stresses of life differently than the rest of us. They focus their time and energy on things within their span of control, and they seek some kind of serenity/acceptance of the things they can’t. 

      In other words, they focus on their “Circle of Influence” and try to let go of the rest.

      Freedom of choice to react to circumstance

      "Between stimulus and response is a space, in that space is our freedom to choose, and what we choose in that space determines our success and happiness." - Anon

      Viktor Frankl survived the Holocaust and became one of the best role models of living within his Circle of Influence.

      It’s not easy, but it is certainly effective.  

      There is an easy technique that can help us to step out of the circle of concern and ease worry and anxiety.

      One of the biggest lessons we have learned from practicing meditation and mindfulness in TimeXtender is that our breath and our thoughts are intimately connected.

      If you want to control your thoughts or the gap between your thoughts, learn to control your breathing.

      A simple way to practice this daily is to once again notice when you are mentally unbalanced. Instead of immediately reacting - take some deep breaths.

      Try this one for a week anytime you notice yourself feeling agitated or on the verge of doing or saying something you may regret:

      Sit comfortably and begin to notice your natural breath as it travels in and out of your nose. 

      Start to even out your inhales and exhales so they are approximately the same length…for example, inhale for a count of 4 and exhale to a count of 4. Do this for several rounds. 

      Extend your exhale to twice as long as your inhale. If you inhale for a count of 4, exhale for a count of 8. Do this for at least 3 cycles or until you start to feel calmer. 

      Repeat as often as you like or as needed. 

      Being proactive is knowing where your action makes the most difference and working there. Rather than trying to change the world, we first change ourselves and then watch the ripples… 

      Timextendified habits for happiness, health and success

      7 Habits of Highly People is a corner stone in the TimeXtender DNA & Culture. All new X-People are onboarded with a TimeXtenderfied "7 Habits" online program inspired by Steven Covey. 

      We would like to invite you to watch the videos from the Habit 1 training that is very helpful in these times where our reactions to the Covid-19 situations is essential for how we successfully get through some challenging times.

      Time_extender_habit_1-Freedom_to_choose v2_med_boarding logo


      Habit 1: The Circle of Influence

      Time_extender_habit_1-_proactive_language_circle_of_influence v2_med_boarding_logo


      Habit 1: Proactive Language 

      Time_extender_habit_1-_proactive_language v2_med boarding logo


      We hope you enjoyed a taste of how we work with self-leadership and life skills in TimeXtender . Stayed tuned for for the TimeXtendified perspective on Habit 2: Begin with the end in mind.

      Take good care of yourself and your loved ones.

      Team TimeXtender 

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