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Data-Empowered Leadership Blog

Editorial pieces, interviews, strategies for upcoming industry trends and more

Data Empowerment

5 min read

The Key to Understanding Your Data: Data Observability Uncovered

If you're a data professional, you're probably no stranger to the critical role data plays in today's technology-driven world. But as we all know,...

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3 min read

Get FREE Access to BARC's New Report: The State of the Data Vault

A recent report titled "Data Warehouse and Data Vault Adoption Trends: Modeling, Modernization, and Automation" sheds light on the current landscape...

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28 min read

It's Time To End the Data Divide

It's Time to End the Data Divide How TimeXtender is Making Holistic Data Integration Accessible for All

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Google Deep Dream - TimeXtender Blog

7 min read

The Top 10 AI Art Projects Of 2022

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is radically redefining creativity, bringing new possibilities that were previously inconceivable. This is the concept...

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