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Unlocking Data Excellence: Why Users Love TimeXtender and Exmon

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In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, data has become a key differentiator in the success of organizations worldwide. The ability to leverage and protect data effectively can spell the difference between success and stagnation. Businesses that have successfully built a trustworthy and reliable source of truth within their organization win the competitive edge almost every single time.

Lucky for you, this is why TimeXtender and Exmon exist, two powerful platforms designed to empower businesses on their journey towards data excellence – faster. Let’s dive into a short overview of each and why our users love them.

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TimeXtender: Streamlining Data Integration and Automation


At the heart of TimeXtender lies a mission to simplify the complexities of data integration, management, and automation. With its intuitive interface and robust features, TimeXtender enables organizations to accelerate their data-driven initiatives and unlock valuable insights.

Data Ingestion: Seamlessly integrate data from disparate sources, including on-premises and cloud-based systems, to create a unified view of your organization's data landscape. The Ingestion layer is where TimeXtender consolidates raw data from disconnected sources into one, centralized data lake or lakehouse. This raw data is often used in data science use cases, such as training machine learning models for advanced analytics.

“TimeXtender provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes it accessible to users with various levels of technical expertise. This can help organizations streamline the process of data integration and management.” Nick V.

Data Preparation: Build and refine data models with ease, allowing for agile adaptation to changing business requirements and data structures. TimeXtender allows you to select raw data from the Ingestion layer, cleanse, validate, and enrich that data, and then define and execute transformations. Once this data preparation process is complete, you can then map your clean, reliable data into dimensional models to create a "single version of truth" for your organization.

“TimeXtender excels in automating data management tasks, such as integration and governance. Users can rapidly build data pipelines, saving time and enhancing productivity in decision-making.” Siddhesh P., Cloud Engineer

Data Delivery: The Delivery layer provides your entire organization with a simplified, consistent, and business-friendly view of all the data products available to your organization. This Semantic Layer maximizes data discovery and usability, ensures data quality, and aligns technical and non-technical teams around a common data language.

“Its a game changer for our organization, the interface is remarkably user-friendly even for beginners , I didn't have to request for large coding from our development team to build data pipelines, and the drag-and-drop feature facilitated connections to different data sources in our organization. It took us only a short period of time to get integrated and implement TimeXTender as our IT department installed it without trouble or delay.” Surah T., Account Manager

Data Automation: Automate repetitive tasks and workflows, freeing up valuable time for data professionals to focus on strategic initiatives and analysis. For example, by learning from past executions, the Ingestion layer can then automatically set up and maintain object dependencies, optimize data loading, and orchestrate tasks.

“Creating data pipelines is made easier with a low-code interface, I am able to drag-and-drop data sources, transformations and destinations visually, no more fumbling with complex scripts.” Rehan A., Data Analyst


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Exmon: Elevating Data Monitoring and Analytics

Complementing TimeXtender is Exmon, a cutting-edge platform designed to enhance data monitoring, governance, and analytics capabilities. By providing real-time insights and actionable intelligence, Exmon empowers organizations to make informed decisions while trusting that their data is secure and compliant.

Real-time Monitoring: Monitor data pipelines and processes in real-time, identifying potential issues and bottlenecks before they impact operations. Track status on data quality issues. Report on data KPI’s that show the impact of data quality initiatives. Automatic and continuous monitoring of your data prevents bad data from entering your systems and being business critical.


“The Data Governance workflow and the ability to easily notify users and data stewards when data quality is not compliant with the rules makes it easy to move work tasks from the central MDM organization into the business units and make them responsible for their own data.” Mads G., Director Data & Analytics

Alerting and Notification: 

All stakeholders are notified and made aware of all data problems with an insight into what happened, when and where. No need for tedious drilling into databases and error logs. Configure alert notifications when anomalies occur and prevent bad data from entering your system. Finding and fixing ETL issues has never been easier.

"You have Data governance where you can write rules against multiple types of data sources to validate or test quality. You can then create a process or workflow so the quality issues are not lost or forgotten.” Asgeir G.

Performance Optimization: Optimize data performance and resource utilization, ensuring optimal efficiency and reliability across the data ecosystem. Control all your data processes from source to report whether they are on-premise or cloud, and visualize in a live diagram. Traffic lights show the status of each step to keep business and IT aligned by ensuring transparency and trust.

“Excellent tool for solving data management problems that pop up. The selling point was to be effective and quick in getting different formats of data into a database, but has also solved many other kinds of data issues we have run into. Good for data governance and monitoring.” Alexander E., BI Manager

Advanced Analytics: Leverage advanced analytics capabilities to uncover hidden patterns, trends, and opportunities within your data, driving strategic decision-making and competitive advantage. Automatically assign data issues based on dynamic rules or easily delegate the work of maintaining data through the intuitive Data Management Portal. Integrate a dashboard drill-down from Tableau, Power BI or your tool of choice, straight into the data that needs to be updated.

“I would say that Exmon is super user-friendly; it's easy to set up and use. We save time by using Exmon and have more faith in our data. Managers and executives have more faith in our data and our revenue after we started using Exmon.” Elisabet S.

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Unlock Your Data Potential with TimeXtender and Exmon

When data reigns supreme organizations must equip themselves with the right tools and technologies to thrive in an ever-evolving world. With TimeXtender and Exmon, you can unlock the full potential of your data, empowering your organization to innovate, grow, and succeed while being sure you have built a future-proof solution.

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