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Heine Krog Iversen - CEO, TimeXtender

3 min read

The (Meta) Future of Data Integration

How Data About Data Is the Key to Unlocking a Future-Proof Data Architecture Data serves as a vital fluid for businesses, offering critical insights...

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35 min read

It's Time To End the Data Divide

Going Digital: The 90s Tech Revolution In the 1990s, a gap began to emerge between those who had access to digital technology, such as the internet,...

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2 min read

New Year Brings New Hope – Data Odyssey 2021

I recently participated in a preview with TDWI Upside for what could be in store for data-related technologies in 2021. This blog post is a summary...

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3 min read

Data As The Great Equalizer

Is data the great equalizer for helping medium-sized companies compete with larger, more established organizations?

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3 min read

Data Rules

Data is ubiquitous. It’s at our work, in our homes, on our phones.

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