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Data Warehouse Automation

3 Things You Should Know About Azure Synapse Dedicated SQL Pool

Azure Synapse Dedicated SQL Pool (previously Azure SQL Data Warehouse), is a massively parallel processing database similar to other...

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Data Warehouse vs Database: Everything You Need to Know

The data warehouse vs database debate has been going on for many years. Which is better? What are the benefits of each? Is there a correct answer...

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Solving Museum's Data Problems

For years, if someone wanted insights into the past, they would visit a museum. There, they could get a glimpse of how our ancestors lived and...

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Data Warehouse Automation Deep Dive

According to Eckerson Group, “The invention of data warehouse automation (DWA) as a technology category was inevitable. And it was invented in a...

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Accelerate your SQL Server 2008 data warehouse migration

On July 9, 2019, support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 will end. That means the end of regular security updates. And it means you...

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Instant Access to Data Isn’t a Novelty, It’s a Necessity

“I’d say that we spend maybe only 20% of the time we’d previously spent on preparation before TimeXtender.” Peter Hansen, Manager and Global BI...

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What Is So Disruptive About TimeXtender’s Discovery Hub® Platform?

You may have heard about the benefits of TimeXtender’s high-performance data management platform and what it can be used for. You should, however,...

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Artificial Intelligence Depends on Human Intelligence, Part Two: Teaching AI

In the previous part, I mentioned that there are two ways that AI can be trained. These two training methods are named unsupervised machine...

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Artificial Intelligence Depends on Human Intelligence, Part One : The Basics of AI

The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed meaning since the first time it was coined, so to address an intelligence that can match or...

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Putting not-so-big data front and center in 2017

For most, January is a month of reflection. A new year brings in new ideas and resolutions. A new year also calls for new goals and assessment of...

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Is your data warehouse still living in the 90s?

Traditional approaches to data warehousing have changed--has your data warehouse?

“Old habits die hard,” says Wayne Eckerson, a thought leader in...

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Automation for the Sake of Automation?  No.

The world is awash with talk of automation.  From the pervasiveness and ubiquity of algorithms to the advances in robotics, companies are finding...

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Thinking of DWA in Simple Terms

Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) is an interesting concept, a burgeoning category, and an important tool for all businesses but it suffers from...

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