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How-to guides for smarter data management, TX Tuesdays and more


1 min read

Accelerating Microsoft Fabric with TimeXtender

Businesses today face sheer volumes of data from numerous sources in different formats. Microsoft Fabric addresses this by integrating various data...

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20 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric is a new initiative by Microsoft aimed at simplifying the way organizations handle their data. It tackles a common problem many...

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Data Mesh

18 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Data Mesh

The rising popularity of Data Mesh in the world of data architecture and management signifies a paradigm shift in how data is handled within...

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Ultimate Guide to Data Products

18 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Data Products

The growing importance of data products in today’s business world marks a significant shift in how data is utilized. Companies across various sectors...

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the ultimate guide to data fabric

20 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Data Fabric

In today’s landscape of vast, diverse, and distributed data, there’s a critical demand for an architecture capable of simplifying this complexity....

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AI Data Integration

11 min read

AI-Powered Data Automation with TimeXtender

Processing vast amounts of data with speed and precision is becoming increasingly important for all organizations, regardless of size or industry....

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15 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Data Transformation

Data transformation plays a crucial role in data management. This process reshapes data into formats that are more conducive to analysis, unlocking...

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13 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Semantic Layers

Semantic layers are experiencing a significant resurgence, becoming increasingly vital in the realm of data management. This renewed interest isn't...

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2 min read

The Power of Data Transformation in Modern Business Intelligence with TimeXtender

In today's data-driven world, businesses rely on data to make informed decisions, uncover valuable insights, and gain a competitive edge. However,...

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Snowflake Features

8 min read

New Features To Accelerate Your Snowflake Workflows

TimeXtender's recent update introduces several new features for users utilizing Snowflake for data warehousing. This update is tailored specifically...

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5 min read

How To Choose the Right Data Transformation Tool for Your Business

In the fast-paced landscape of modern business operations, data transformation stands as the blueprint for success. It's the process that turns raw...

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Multiple Environments with TimeXtender

9 min read

Maximize Success: Optimizing Data Solutions with TimeXtender’s Multiple Environments Management

The Cost of Neglect In 2012, a minor oversight in software deployment spiraled into a massive financial disaster for Knight Capital Group . A...

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4 min read

Debunking Six Myths About TimeXtender: Building an Agile Data Infrastructure with Confidence

In the fast-paced world of data analytics and AI, having an efficient and flexible data infrastructure is crucial. This is where TimeXtender’s...

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1 min read

End-to-End Scheduling with Powershell & TimeXtender API

TimeXtender Tuesday - Episode 38 Join us for one of the best episodes of TimeXtender Tuesdays yet! Follow along as our talented Solutions Specialist,...

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7 min read

Building Scalable Data Architectures: Principles and Best Practices

In the current era of information explosion, businesses and organizations grapple with an unprecedented influx of data, attempting to tame the...

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23 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Data Architecture

As organizations seek to harness the transformative power of data, the need to build a robust foundation that can withstand the test of time becomes...

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18 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Data Automation

As organizations of all sizes strive to harness the power of data analytics, a pressing challenge emerges: the laborious and time-consuming nature of...

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1 min read

Using Amazon Relational Database (RDS) As Your Storage Solution

TimeXtender Tuesday - Episode 37 In this engaging episode of TimeXtender Tuesdays, join Shivam as he dives into the world of cloud data storage and...

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