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How-to guides for smarter data management, TX Tuesdays and more


6 min read

Data Warehouse Automation: Why, What, & How To Choose Your DWA Tool

Your browser does not support the audio element. Data warehouse (DW) automation tools can simplify and speed up the process of designing, building, and managing a data warehouse. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to...

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1 min read

Connecting SAP Data Using Theobald Xtract Universal & TimeXtender

TimeXtender Tuesday - Episode 35 In a matter of minutes, you can extract your SAP data and bring it into TimeXtender in order to quickly deliver...

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TimeXtender Unified Metadata Framework

7 min read

Unified Metadata Framework Enables Seamless Data Integration

Metadata is often referred to as "data about data." Metadata is information that provides context and meaning to data. It includes details about the...

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1 min read

New & Improved TimeXtender Training

We're excited to announce the release of our updated Timextender product training, designed to make it easier than ever to use our powerful data...

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4 min read

The Pros and Cons of Analytics as Code

Analytics as code is an approach to data management and analytics that emphasizes the use of coding languages, rather than pre-built tools, to create...

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10 min read

The Modern Data Stack is Broken

The Modern Data Stack: A Fragmented Approach Scroll to the bottom for a summary. Most companies today are attempting to build their data...

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3 min read

Data Engineers vs Data Scientists – What’s the Difference?

So, you’re a data engineer. Or you’re a data scientist. Or you might consider yourself to be both, but you have one title at work, and there’s always...

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1 min read

Connect & Use Apache Spark/Databricks

TimeXtender Tuesday - Episode 34 Join our expert Solution Specialist, Frank Wagner, as he shows you how blazing fast it is to connect Apache Spark,...

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8 min read

The Six Biggest Data Trends for 2023

No matter the industry or size of a business, the companies that will win in 2023 are those that focus on data. Yeah, we said it. The problem is,...

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1 min read

Using Pivot & Unpivot

TimeXtender Tuesday - Episode 33 One of the sure things about data is that it is not always in the format needed for analysis. This episode of...

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Build A Data Lake in 10 Minutes or Less

TimeXtender Tuesday - Episode 32 Join our expert solutions specialist, Stefan Ahlbom for an exciting episode of TimeXtender Tuesdays where he will...

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1 min read

Microsoft Purview & TimeXtender

TimeXtender Tuesday - Episode 31 In this episode of TimeXtender Tuesday, join our Solutions Specialist Harish Kundanchery Mechery and explore the...

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The Next Generation of TimeXtender

TimeXtender Tuesday - Episode 30 We are proud to announce the next generation of the TimeXtender Data Estate Builder. Join Joseph Treadwell as he...

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Connect A Tableau Endpoint

TimeXtender Tuesday - Episode 28 Tableau is one of the most popular data visualization tools on the market today. Join us for episode 28 of...

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Calculation Groups

TimeXtender Tuesday - Episode 26 In part two of the Time Intelligence topic, our very own Frank Wagner will walk us through the process of...

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1 min read

Time Intelligence

TimeXtender Tuesday - Episode 25 To keep the business informed effectively, time Intelligence is a critical part of data warehouse projects. This can...

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1 min read

Semantic Layer Security

TimeXtender Tuesday - Episode 24 This episode of TX Tuesdays will focus on Security in the Semantic Layer of TimeXtender. This is a critical part of...

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Dynamic Data Masking

TimeXtender Tuesday - Episode 27 In this episode of TimeXtender Tuesdays, Chris Daniels will walk us through the implementation of Dynamic Data...

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