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      TimeXtender Online Training Curriculum

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      TimeXtender offers several different training courses to help our customers and partners get a better understanding of how to leverage our powerful low-code/no-code data management platform and help you build your very own future-proof modern data estate for analytics and AI.

      Following is a summary of our core three product training courses.

      • TimeXtender Basics Course

      What you will learn: In this beginner training course, you will learn the basics of the TimeXtender Data Management Platform. The course will get you building your first Data Estate in TimeXtender. You’ll begin by extracting data into the Operational Data Exchange and proceed by modeling complex data in the Modern Data Warehouse. You’ll then move to delivering relevant, governed datasets in the Semantic Layer. All this will be achieved while using our low-code/no-code user interface. Course link.

      • TimeXtender Optimization Course

      What you will learn: In this course you will build upon the project created in the TimeXtender - Basics course. You will explore many new features to help you optimize your project and will learn about execution packages, scheduling, surrogate keys, history (slowly changing dimensions), security, documentation, and data quality. Course link.

      • TimeXtender Advanced Course

      What you will learn: In this advanced TimeXtender training course, you will gain an understanding about the advanced features of our data management platform by building upon both the project created in the TimeXtender Basics Course and the exercises completed in the TimeXtender Optimization Course. You’ll also explore additional advanced features that will help you push your project to its full potential. This course will cover: security, team development, connecting to REST APIs, aggregate tables & table inserts, type II slowly changing dimensions, multiple environments, and implementing custom code. Course link.

      All our courses are free of charge and are self-paced via an on-demand learning platform - so that you can learn at your convenience, at your own pace. We also offer an official TimeXtender certification program.

      More information about all of our training programs and registration can be found here.