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TimeXtender Expands Impact Through Acquisition of BI Builders

TimeXtender Expands Impact Through Acquisition of BI Builders

TimeXtender is excited to announce that it has acquired BI Builders, a software company based in Stavanger, Norway. This acquisition will strengthen TimeXtender’s position and impact as a global market leader within the data management and data warehouse automation industries.

Another exciting part of this acquisition is TimeXtender will expand its product capabilities by bringing it together with the features of Xpert BI, the flagship software of BI Builders to build best-of-class software solutions that offer faster and more efficient options for data scientists, data engineers, and data analysts in various industries.

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Thoughts from Leadership

“We are very excited to announce the acquisition of BI Builders and welcome the team to TimeXtender,” said Heine Krog Iversen, CEO and Founder of TimeXtender. “Bringing two leading vendors together creates scale. With an ever-increasing speed in innovation and technology advancements, size matters to continue to be a trustworthy vendor to our partners and customers. The products have different strengths and bringing them together into one cohesive platform will cement our position as a market leader for data warehouse automation and lay the foundation for widening out with data quality, master data management, data catalog, and observability over the coming years.”

“This is a first fantastic step in creating a world market leader in a very fragmented market, and possible with the great backing of Monterro,” said Iversen. “BI Builders is bringing a wealth of smart people with deep industry knowledge. I am a firm believer that talent density is the most important driver for innovation. With the diversity in skills, the combined organization will be strengthened in all areas and BI Builders will add deep industry skills into energy, real estate, and agriculture. Bringing the two organizations together will bring us to 115 XPeople around the world, improving our delivery capabilities in all areas.”

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“BI Builders and TimeXtender have the same ambitions and overall goal of becoming a global market leader within data warehouse automation,” said Jarle Soland, CEO of BI Builders. “Combining the best from the TimeXtender software and Xpert BI software will give us a huge advantage in the marketplace. BI Builders also has a strong position within the energy sector, real estate, and aquaculture industries in Norway. The domain knowledge will give the combined TimeXtender company a kickstart for further growth.”

“From the first discussions between TimeXtender and BI Builders about company culture and leadership, plus our due diligence assessing purpose, direction, alignment, and commitment, it was clear that there were a lot of similarities and synergies in the way we think and act to achieve great results as a cohesive group,” said Anne Krog Iversen, TimeXtender Co-Founder and Chief DNA & Culture Officer. “Furthermore, we found a fundamental shared take and understanding of the importance of open, honest, and transparent communication to build trust and enhance creativity. TimeXtender is organized in teams and purpose circles, and the team spirit and mindset are not foreign but familiar to the way BI Builders works and collaborates, enabling people through knowledge-sharing and inclusion to cultivate and enhance agility, effectiveness, and innovation.”

“BI Builders consists of 36 very competent and motivated employees who will join forces with the XPeople to secure further growth,” said Soland. “The idea of joining the two key players in the data warehouse automation space makes it possible to scale at a much higher speed. The offering to the market, bringing the best from both TimeXtender and Xpert BI, gives us all that we need to prove the joint position as a market leader. This is a win-win for customers, partners, and the companies.”


Integrating New Employees and Clients

TimeXtender will absorb the team from BI Builders, integrating employees into the TimeXtender company structure. BI Builders has offices in Stavanger, Oslo, and New York City, and employees will be able to work in-office or remotely from wherever they’re located in the world, keeping with TimeXtender’s policy of asynchronous work. BI Builders’ clients will be added to TimeXtender’s client and partner base over time, expanding the company’s long-term growth strategy and impact within the data management industry.

Software Upgrades

TimeXtender’s holistic data automation software will integrate features and options from Xpert BI, BI Builders’ flagship software product, to offer clients and users more comprehensive data automation solutions. This new software solution will offer greater end-to-end orchestration for any user looking to build a comprehensive data lake, automate a data warehouse, and create usable data marts for visualization.

Building Towards the Future

With the acquisition of BI Builders, TimeXtender is building towards a future of innovation and progress in the data management and data warehouse automation industries. By continuing to focus on communication, transparency, and collaboration, TimeXtender is now better equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. The acquisition represents a significant milestone in TimeXtender's growth strategy and reinforces its commitment to providing the best possible solutions for clients across the globe seeking better data management and data automation software.

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