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Become a Certified TimeXtender Solutions Architect

While the TimeXtender platform has been around for nearly a decade and a half, one question has always remained: How do users know if they have all the skills necessary to build a high-performing TimeXtender Data Estate?

Wonder no longer! Today we are announcing the TimeXtender Solutions Architect exam and certification. The exam and associated certification will be a capstone in the TimeXtender user's learning path and will be a mark of distinction in designing enterprise grade solutions with the platform. The exam will comprise of multiple-choice questions, covering all areas of TimeXtender related topics - pulled from the online training courses, knowledge base, and practical experience. After successfully mastering the certification exam, students will receive a certificate (also maintained in our database) and a badge that can be shared on social media, like other industry standard certification exams.

What are the benefits of becoming a certified TimeXtender Solutions Architect?

As a result of TimeXtender training, you will gain broad knowledge of modern cloud technologies and in-depth nuances of building a complete enterprise solution. A successful Solution Architect will be confident in their ability to implement and develop on-prem, hybrid, or purely cloud (Azure) data solutions with TimeXtender. In all, you will gain:

  • Increased value and mobility within your organization and the wider industry
  • Deepened knowledge of BI and analytics technologies and techniques
  • Increased confidence in your ability to deliver modern analytics solutions
  • Added industry relevant skills & credentials to a resume or LinkedIn profile
How do I prepare for the exam and what is the ideal learning path?

To get started, we recommend that you complete all three of the free courses in the TimeXtender Online Training. All three courses provide reading, video guides, and exercises for you to work with TimeXtender.

  • The Basics course will give you a base knowledge of how TimeXtender works and how to apply standard techniques to building a data estate solution.
  • The Optimization course will show you intermediate techniques to improve data estate performance and additional best practices for getting the best value from TimeXtender.
  • The Advanced course will show you how to apply nuanced concepts to your TimeXtender solution and allow for significant flexibility and customization in your data estate.

In addition to the online training courses it is important to review the wealth of content available on the TimeXtender support website, specifically the Getting Started section. Once you've completed all three courses and reviewed our support material, it is essential you begin building TimeXtender projects to gain practical experience. We offer follow-along projects that can be done at your own pace. After working with the platform and familiarizing yourself with the content from the courses for about three weeks, you should be ready to take the exam.

TimeXtender is invested in your success and has curated a comprehensive guide to the exam preparation. This includes the key topics and guidelines for the exam, an Exam Study Guide, and a sample exam to give you a sense of the difficulty of the questions. In less than a month, it is possible for someone with no starting knowledge of TimeXtender to not only successfully complete the certification process but begin building an enterprise data estate. If you are a BI consulting firm, you may be able to differentiate and accelerate past your competition by offering real results in a crowded space by leveraging the power of the Azure cloud and producing results that exceed the competition. If you are an individual developer, you may be able to help with your organizations digital transformation and build a base for AI and ML that previous seemed out of reach.

To register for the exam, please send an email to your assigned TimeXtender Solution Specialist. If you don't have a solution specialist, click here for public registration.