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TimeXtender Announces Next-Generation Data Estate Builder

TimeXtender Announces Next-Generation Data Estate Builder

TimeXtender Makes Ingesting and Preparing Data Faster and Easier Than Ever


AARHUS, Denmark & BELLEVUE, Wash.--()--TimeXtender announces the next generation of its data estate builder, a low-code data management tool that empowers organizations to ingest and prepare their data for analytics, AI, and machine learning 10x faster than standard methods. TimeXtender’s data estate builder allows organizations to quickly integrate their siloed data into a data lake, model their data warehouse, and define data marts for multiple BI tools & endpoints – all within a simple, drag-and-drop user interface. With 16+ years of experience optimizing best practices and building modern data estates for top-performing organizations, TimeXtender maintains an unprecedented 95% retention rate with over 3,300 customers by continuing to deliver a trusted, reliable, and secure data management solution.

Simplicity and automation have always been core to TimeXtender’s mission to empower the world with data, mind, and heart. With the release of the next generation of its data estate builder, TimeXtender makes it easier than ever for everyone, regardless of skill level, to get access to reliable data, without writing a single line of code.

Traditionally, the data preparation process has relied on a highly complex stack of tools, a growing list of data sources and systems, and months spent hand-coding each piece together to form fragile data “pipelines.” Then came data management “platforms” that promised to reduce complexity by combining everything into a single, unified, end-to-end solution. In reality, these platforms impose strict controls and lock you into a proprietary ecosystem that won’t allow you to truly own, store, or move your own data.

“It’s clear that these old approaches to data management simply cannot meet the needs of modern data teams. The rapid pace of innovation does not allow for the bottlenecks, slowdowns, and limitations these approaches bring. The entire status quo of the data management industry is archaic and burdensome, and we believe it should be abolished,” said Heine Krog Iversen, TimeXtender’s founder and CEO. “By making the complex simple, and automating all that can be automated, our goal is to free up millions of human hours that can be used to execute on what matters most and change the world.”

“Just as low-code Content Management Systems and drag-and-drop website builders have led to a dramatic decrease in the amount of time and effort required to build a website, TimeXtender’s low-code data management solution now enables data professionals to build data infrastructure and pipelines very quickly using a drag-and-drop interface,” said Micah Horner, TimeXtender’s Product Marketing Manager. “In other words, we help businesses get the data they need faster so they can do what they need to do faster. Because time matters, after all.”

Key Features

  • Simple, drag-and-drop interface for data ingestion and preparation
  • Support for 250+ data sources, along with custom connectors for any proprietary sources
  • Deliver data to the visualization tool of your choice (such as Power BI, Qlik, or Tableau)
  • Automatically generate full, end-to-end documentation of your entire data estate
  • Visual data lineage, impact analysis, quality rules, and alerts
  • Our metadata-driven approach never requires any access or control over your actual data
  • Decouple your business logic from the underlying data storage technology to future-proof your investment
  • Easily set up roles and restrict access to sensitive data with enterprise-grade security

What’s New

  • Easier-to-navigate, more user-friendly experience
  • The online portal allows you to manage instances, data sources, and user access from any device, anywhere
  • TimeXtender Desktop now authenticates and configures directly from the portal – no more license keys and client secrets
  • Selecting individual tables and fields from a data source has been significantly improved
  • Incremental Subtraction allows your scheduled loads to automatically take into account the data that may have changed since your previous execution
  • Mapping Sets allow you to define search criteria, then TimeXtender will automatically map any source table that fits the criteria into that destination
  • Execute and schedule PowerShell scripts from within TimeXtender
  • Execute semantic models directly to the Power BI Premium endpoint
  • Data profiling makes it faster than ever to analyze data to begin modeling

For details on pricing and availability, please contact us here.

About TimeXtender

TimeXtender, through its data estate builder, empowers you to implement a modern data estate 10x faster with a simple, drag-and-drop user interface for ingesting and preparing data for analysis. It seamlessly overlays and unifies your data infrastructure, connects to 250+ data sources, and provides all the powerful data preparation capabilities you need in a unified, secure, future-proof solution. The underlying code is generated automatically, which reduces build costs by 70%, frees data engineers from tedious, repetitive tasks, and provides less-technical business users with a no-code experience for creating their own data products. We do this for one simple reason: because time matters.


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