TimeXtender’s DNA and Culture

Every day we work to make the complex simple, to automate all that can be automated and to execute on what matters most.

We seek to set humans free, to focus on life balance and on output over activity

We are all different and we want to develop all Xpeople to be the best possible version of themselves. We trust Xpeople to deliver expected results with no need for babysitting. We recharge ourselves with mindfulness, and breath, body and mind exercises as well as practicing deep work – providing time for reflection that sparks creativity, as we believe that diversity in all its forms ultimately leads to better decisions and a better future.

We are a fully distributed organization, with satellites around the world

We are ambitious and curious people that always strive to use data, mind, and heart on our journey to fulfill our Core Purpose as individuals, work teams and a business. Our Core Beliefs – simplify, automate, execute – are our foundation, telling us how to prioritize, and making us stronger each day as ‘a fully distributed organization’. We take pride in giving whole heartedly to the world with all that we are.

We are the Xpeople

TimeXtender employees, the Xpeople, believe “we are what we give,” and that “people do business with people.” Therefore, we strive, in all we do, to balance data, mind, and heart. This builds individual resilience and well-being. Only a thriving workforce can achieve peak performance, be great partners in life and business, have the power to give back and make healthy choices. These build a solid foundation for a sustainable and profitable businesses that aim for making an impact on the way people think and work.

We are what we give

We choose to work asynchronously and live our life online with an inclusive, writing-first approach. We put all our communication, task management and documentation in one place where all Xpeople can work together seamlessly, no matter where and when they work.

Working and thinking as a fully distributed and global team, all we need is a phone, laptop, and internet connection (coffee and food, of course, but that we take that for granted). This global and futuristic mindset help us to focus our work based on transparency and proactiveness. We engage in online discussions and jump on calls across cultures and time zones to move the task at hand forward.

People do business with people

Again, we believe people do business with people and it is in our DNA & Culture to stay socially connected and prioritize time to talk face to face with colleagues and partners. We connect with our data, mind, and heart in the right place – to remind us that time really matters and especially what we spend that time on.


Xpeople spend two special days called Karma Days to participate in charitable work and community service.

We sponsor the Danish Motorsport driver, Mikkel O. Pedersen in living his purpose with data, mind, and heart. Mikkel is a part of an Italian Racing Team Dinamic Motorsport and races in the GT World Challenge series. Mikkel’s success is a symbol of our company’s brand.

TimeXtender supports Mikkel’s “Super Hero” troll program that supports the Danish Cancer Foundation. This cause is a pleasant reminder that we can all contribute and be a superhero for someone in need.

Every year, TimeXtender also sponsors the Danish Kids hospital clowns. This is an uplifting and enjoyable program that helps encourage kids who are in the hospital.

TimeXtender is also proud to support the nonprofit global organization Direct Relief as they aim to help people affected by poverty and emergency situations around the world.

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