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Success Stories

How TimeXtender Technology Helps Covid-19 Global Effort

A few years back, TimeXtender technology was implemented at Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid non-profit organization that helps improve the...

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Is TimeXtender a Good Fit for My Industry?

This is a question we often get asked from corporate executive management and CIOs.

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TimeXtender Partnerships: Always Having the Win-Win-Win in Mind

“TimeXtender, we share more than just a business. We share a passion for a common goal, together as a team, as partners”. – Mikkel O. Pedersen,...

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Nordisk Film – Getting to Grips With GDPR

As we saw in the previous blog (Nordisk Film – business intelligence and analytics in a modern, diverse company), Nordisk Film is part of...

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Nordisk Film – BI & analytics in a modern, diverse company

There are so many moving parts in any modern business that it’s all too easy to focus on one part, to ignore others and, as a result, to come to...

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How Machine Learning & DWA Can Accelerate Data Discovery

VolkerWessels Bouw & Vastgoed Ontwikkeling (BVGO) is a Dutch company active in real-estate and industrial construction as well as civil...

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New BI Challenges For The World’s Oldest Film Studio

Nordisk Film has been around for so long that it now thrives in a world that would be unrecognisable to its founders. Set up in Copenhagen in...

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Video case study: Direct Relief

Direct Relief is a humanitarian organization that relies on data to help people in need. Discovery Hub is helping them deliver a world of good by

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Success Story: TimeXtender Helps Steel Manufacturer with Data Warehousing and Qlik Business Intelligence

When Belgian steel manufacturer Intersig N.V. wanted to create a customer centric reporting platform guaranteeing quality and service, the company...

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