Automated Data Management Platform from TimeXtender

The automated way to
build a modern data estate
for analytics and AI

TimeXtender is an integrated data management platform that helps implement and operate data lakes, data warehouses, and data marts – without writing code – automating the process of getting documented data in the right place, in the right form, and ready for analysis

Accelerate Implementation of a Complete Modern Data Estate on Microsoft Data Platforms


Automated code generation – speeds development, freeing data engineers to focus on data quality and business requirements


Metadata-based modeling – define data marts once and generate multiple models for self-service analytics


Easily add additional data sources and elements and avoid building custom datasets for each data request – speeding maintenance and reducing IT backlog

“With TimeXtender, we were able to look at our data and immediately organize it all with common names that ensured all our systems were talking to each other. We built a model to bring together all our data sources, programs, products, and events. This allows us to run multiple applications on one platform and retrieve the information we need with one click.”

Direct Relief

Director of IT and Quality

A Single Data Management Tool Reduces Complexity for Data Engineering Teams


A single tool to build a data lake, data warehouse and data marts – reduces the number and types of highly skilled resources required


Manage development, test and production environments without rewriting code to switch data platforms – run dev and test in less expensive environments with different latency requirements


Highly integrated capabilities orchestrate building and maintaining the complete data estate – not just a narrow portion


Easily change deployment models (on-premises, cloud, hybrid) or data platforms (SQL Server, Azure SQL, Data Lake, Synapse) without rewriting code – ensuring your data estate is fully scalable and ready to adopt future releases and new technologies

“What has impressed us most is how easy it has been for our small IT department – just ten people or so – operating in a company with a turnover of SEK18bn (€1.7bn). We have very little capacity for creating data infrastructure yet with Discovery Hub®, we have managed to build a platform in around 3 months that is miles better than anything we’ve had in the last 15 years. I think that speaks to the ease of use of the product and the power contained within it.”

Din Bil Sverige AB

BI Manager

Complete Documentation – From Lake to Warehouse to Mart


Automated generation of complete documentation from project metadata


Full end-to-end data lineage and impact analysis


Generate data catalogs for data mart users


Identify and secure sensitive data while maintaining and documenting access rights – supports compliance with internal and regulatory requirements

Komatsu TimeXtender Case StudyKomatsu deploys data estate to Microsoft Azure and enables instant access to data with TimeXtender

Komatsu Australia offers its customers products, parts, and services for a full range of earthmoving, mining, construction and utility equipment. As a fast-moving organization and early cloud adopter with multiple data sources, a system was required to receive instant access to data for real-time visibility into operations.

Pandora_Case_Thumbnail-01PANDORA maintains its global market with controlled data operation provided by TimeXtender

Danish jewelry company PANDORA offers its customers fashionable, hand-finished pieces at affordable prices. But to help maintain its rapid growth from a single Danish store to over 2,400 concept stores globally, it required a controllable way to access and analyze the increasingly large volumes of company data.

TimeXtender Advances Direct Relief’s Charitable Operations

End-to-End data management solution provides good data to help relieve global pain and poverty.

TimeXtender helps healthcare network transform the utilization of staffing resources and facilities

As one of the largest healthcare providers in the US, this network required a scalable and manageable data estate to support rapid growth and allow for more streamlined analytics.

Financial Services TimeXtender Case

A North American Banking Conglomerate Turns to TimeXtender for Help Automating Revenue Reporting Processes

The North American branch of this global banking conglomerate offers a variety of services to its customers. However, with the constant growth of its offerings, a data management platform was needed to better track revenue