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Heine Krog Iversen Details in Forbes How Businesses Can Be Data-Driven

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3,000+ Companies Have Used Discovery Hub® Technology to Manage Enterprise Data 

Since 2006, we’ve been a chief contributor across industry circles in helping shape the data landscape. During this time, we’ve worked alongside more than 3,000 customers around the world, supporting their desire to strategically manage and leverage their corporate data.

And this past month, our CEO, Heine Krog Iversen, shared his business insights with the global community in a pair of articles published in Forbes. As a member of the Forbes Technology Council, his profile found here, Heine outlined for Forbes readers what executive management should consider regarding their corporate data management approach and supporting enterprise-wide technology.

Advising and working with the worldwide business community about managing their corporate data has been an objective of ours for many years. Along with our customers, we’ve met with myriad business leaders one-on-one in their corporate headquarters, at road shows, while hosting user groups and partner training workshops, and when speaking or exhibiting at trade shows. Now, we’re extending this dialogue even further as a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

Heine’s first Forbes’ article titled, “Why The Modern Corporation Should Consider a Data Estate,” takes a look at the reasoning behind why a company should build or upgrade its data systems and platforms with a modern data estate.  The story lays out a vision for a design that incorporates a central data hub, automation, and cloud deployment on Microsoft Azure. It also includes helpful tips on how to proceed.

In his follow-up story, “Navigating The Corporate Quest To Becoming Data-Driven,” Heine discusses in greater detail the strategy behind an integrated hub and how it helps deliver “one version of the truth.” He also takes a look at why smaller deployments have many benefits for the enterprise such as testing, learning, and adapting. He then explains why decision making should be made not just by using data, but rather, with a blend of data, mind and heart. 

The bottom line in Heine’s articles is this:  The amount of data pouring into a company nearly doubles every two years. Organizations are starving for faster, better, more efficient ways to manage and utilize their data. While related technologies continue to advance rapidly, such as predictive analytics and AI, businesses are scrambling to figure out their best course of action for dealing with all their existing and future data.

But managing your data doesn’t have to be complicated, nor should it.  

History has shown us time and again that automation plays a keen role in helping industry advance to the next level. Today, automation is an engine for businesses looking to prosper by managing, accessing and mining their abundance of data. And when you consider managing your data, mining it becomes even more powerful when coupled with a proper plan for deploying analytics data in the cloud.

Furthermore, let us consider the notion of having disparate data systems, data silos, and various data sources – doesn’t logic tell us we’re better off to use a data management platform that combines all historical, social, local user, and future data into a single, integrated platform? Doesn’t self-service analytics benefit the company as a whole if business users are empowered, albeit in a safe, secured and governed environment, enabling them to have instant access to data to make decisions at the local level as needed? And won’t you agree that freeing up IT from daily, mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on more strategic, game-changing initiatives, is a much better use of their time and skillset?

To address these requirements for businesses, we have taken great strides over the years in developing TimeXtender’s Discovery Hub®. Our high-performance, data management platform was built to quickly and efficiently help companies become a thriving data-driven enterprise. Organizations looking to build, re-engineer, and manage their data estates either know or are discovering that Discovery Hub allows businesses to solve their current data needs, while simultaneously planning for future goals such as a full-cloud deployment or AI.

You can find out much more here about Discovery Hub’s features, functions, and benefits. And, if you’d like to read expert analysis from the analyst community about Discovery Hub’s technology prowess, please visit here.

In the meantime, let us know what you think about Heine’s articles published in Forbes. We’re eager to hear your comments and thoughts. And be on the lookout for more news about Discovery Hub, as well as stories from Heine about the data revolution that is upon us.  


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